23 Moving Hacks That'll Make Your Move Easier

In my 21 years of life, I have moved too many times to count, for the past few summers I have moved at least once and usually it ends up to be multiple times. I just live out of boxes to make it easier for the next move. Moving isn't easy but I have listed a few tips that might help you out when moving.

1. Collect as many boxes as you can.

If you are moving soon but not next month you'll likely wanna pack stuff up sooner rather than later. Boxes are needed, so check with friends and family and see if they have any to give up. You'll need them all different sizes.

2. Put hanging clothes in garbage bags.

Well, don't throw them away simply cut a hole in the bottom of the bag to pit the hanging part through of the hanger and tie the garbage bag shut with the clothes inside. This way you can just hang them up and take off the bag easily and if clothes fall off it is in the bag so it is an easy fix.

3. Do NOT pack all the boxes in one weekend.

You will regret this action, packing is not easy and it takes time. Spacing it out and slowly packing items you do not need immediately is the best idea.

4. Try to find people to help.

Moving companies are expensive, but you friends and family are not. Try to get as many people to help you because lifting all that weight by yourself is a back injury waiting to happen.

5. Get rid of things you don't need.

This is the perfect time for some spring cleaning, haven't used it in years the garbage is calling your name. Just toss it, fewer things to unpack! Or you can even donate old items that are still in good shape.

6. Pack by category.

Label things based on rooms and items. Keep winter stuff together and sort the seasons as so. This makes it easier when unpacking you know where things are and which boxes belong in which rooms.

7. Create a moving checklist.

This is so you can feel accomplished as you check off each box and make the list smaller and smaller. You also won't forget to do something important if you write it down.

9. Buy a ton of moving supplies.

This includes packing tape, bubble wrap, tissue paper, plastic totes, etc. You are gonna need a lot.

10. Have cleaning supplies out till moving day.

You'll likely need to wipe down the place once you move so keeping the cleaning supplies handy until the last possible moment is helpful.

11. Stop buying groceries at least a week before moving.

There is no reason to be throwing out food because that is a waste of time and money

12. Pack an overnight bag that contains essentials.

This way in case you get too tired after moving you have one bag that has all the stuff you need for the day and the nights.

13. Change your address 1-2 weeks before moving.

It takes time for the mail to be forwarded and you don't wanna wait too long.

14. Defrost the fridge at least 1 day before moving.

This is so the water doesn't go spilling out and leaking on things. This way you can wipe it down before moving it.

15. If you have young children and/or dogs get them off site.

The last thing you need to worry about on moving day is if your children are safe and your pet hasn't run away. Try to get them off-site so you can focus on moving and not worrying abut them getting in the way.

16. Have spackle and extra paint lying around.

In case you find a hole in the wall of scratch marks that need to be painted over. You can even use bath soap to fill small nail holes in the wall.

17. Take photos of the old place and new place before and after the move.

To keep memories of that day but also to remember what it looked like. This is especially important if you are renting so you know of the wall conditions and floor conditions prior to moving in or those who are renting from you.

18. Hire movers if you have a lot of heavy furniture.

No reason to hurt yourself trying to carry it all. The movers are paid to do this and have the equipment and man power they need, plus they have insurance so if anything breaks it is on them. But make sure you do a lot of research before you select a company.

19. Take photos of electronics.

Remembering which cord goes where after moving is not easy. Take a picture and you'll have it all figured out a lot sooner than staring at a manual.

20. Place screws in ziplock bags and label them.

This is so you know which furniture it belongs to when you have to take apart items such as tv stands.

21. Use socks as soft packing items to separate breakables.

This can save you money on buying more bubblewrap or tissue paper. Use what you already have at home.

22. Pack decorative items 1-2 weeks before the move.

This is so you home is not gloomy looking too long before you move. Plus, these items are generally fragile and last minute items you'd wanna keep safe.

23. Make sure you label fragile items.

You never know what you are picking up in boxes. Label them well so you or the movers know to handle with care and not place other heavy boxes on top of them.

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