Moving into college has officially become a reality. The comfort zone of my own home is going to become a memory as I move into a college dorm room. It is not the size I am accustomed to plus I have never shared a room with someone before. I am anxious to start new adventures, but I am now faced with a world of new compromises. I have a roommate, teammates, and new friends to think about. Compromises are the key to my success in school since I have to learn to live with various people. There is a newfound independence, decisions I need to make, and responsibilities that await for me once I move into school. I am now even more accountable for my actions. My future and success will be determined by my decision making and the actions I take as an adult.

There is a huge amount of responsibility associated with moving into college. It is a privilege. I cannot waste my time in school by partying every night and never finding any time to study. Granted I do still need to have fun in school, but on my own terms. I need to do what is right for me and my future.

It just does not seem real yet. The thought of being on my own. I know I am excited for school to start, but I am also freaking out on the inside. My whole world is going to change. Everything I am accustomed to is going to disappear as I begin this next chapter of my life. I will be packing up what I know and love and taking it with me to school to share with my community. It is just so strange to think that this is really it, the start of something new.

I just feel like I am not one hundred percent ready. The summer went by too quickly and I have so much more to get accomplished before I move in. I also feel rushed. I have to move in earlier than other students since I am an athlete. It is a good life lesson I suppose since in life you are never ready – well never as ready as you would like to be. I am just nervous and I hope I go down the right path when I am at school.

I need to put my nerves aside and focus on all the positives associated with going to school such as meeting new people, experiencing various cultures, becoming involved in the community, and learning how to be successful in the career of my choosing. Lifelong friendships will be made and college is an experience I will never forget. I cannot wait to be involved in my school and learn how to be a respectable woman in my field.

I am excited to make my mark at Regis! It is so scary, but also exciting that I am finally moving in. Just a few more days and I will be all settled at the school of my dreams. It just takes a lot of trial and error before I get over my nerves. I just need to remember that everyone has nerves when starting something new and it is not just me.