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Being born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA comes with a lot of benefits. I never moved from the house that I came home to after being born and never thought I would leave, until college hit.

I moved to Ohio and refuse to become an Ohioan.

Most of the people I went to high school with went to college in Pennsylvania, but more specifically colleges in Pittsburgh. I decided that I needed to get away from the small suburb that I grew up in. So, I choose to go to Bowling Green State University. BGSU offers a great education program and it is a perfect distance to get away from the small town I come from. I love BGSU with my whole heart and couldn't imagine myself at any other University.

There is one problem. I miss Pittsburgh.

During the summer, I decided to stay in Ohio to work and save up money. I figured that would be the best thing for me financially. Living on Kelleys Island and working with low expenses can really help my bank grow more than it would anywhere else.

Recently, I had to go back to Pittsburgh, unexpectedly. I got to hang out with my high school best friends and I honestly can say that I miss it so much. There is something to say about a place that you've known your whole life.

Do not get me wrong, I love Ohio and Bowling Green; I cannot wait to be back at school. Yet, I always get the "Oh, you are from Pittsburgh, why are you here?"

Why am I in Ohio? Pittsburgh has countless schools that offer the same education I get in Ohio. Pittsburgh has my family and friends. It is the city that I grew up in.

Pittsburgh is an amazing city. It is beautiful no matter what the season is and there endless things to do within the city and surrounding areas. Ohio has so many different things to offer too but I refuse to accept that Ohio is better.

At school, I will wear my black and gold as a proud Yinzer. I get so many looks and comments from Ohio fans. Most of my friends at school are either Bengals fans or Browns fans, neither really understand the love for the city I come from. They just see the colors on my shirt and assume that I am a bandwagon fan. But, I really am a city lover, the sports are more of a bonus to the city.

These fans from Ohio typically have never been to the city. The few Ohioans that have, love Pittsburgh and say that it is a beautiful place. So, Ohioans do not hate Pittsburgh because you cannot beat us. There is more to the city and the people from the city than the sports teams that represent our city.

Until Ohioans accept Pittsburgh as a city and not the teams, I refuse to consider myself one, even though I embody everything that an Ohioan has to offer!

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