As college students, the summer is the time when most of us head home for a few months. We pack up our cars, check out of our rooms, say goodbye to the campus for the last time or for the next few months, and drive home. Some people drive for several hours, others for only a half hour, but everyone heads home to basically the same situation. Living with your parents and siblings again.

While this can be nice if your college is far away and you are homesick, going back home can be like reverting back to your high school years. All of a sudden, you have to work around everyone else schedule, figure out where to park and when to tell your parents that you're coming home again. Below are some of the struggles I've had with moving back into my parents' house for the summer. Maybe you can relate to some of them.

1. Packing Everything Up

When you have to pack to move from one place to another, organization is key. It helps to label what goes into the boxes and where they came from, i.e. Desk- markers, scissors, ruler, stapler,etc.

2. Unpacking at Home

All of your stuff goes from the car to the garage or your room. In my case, since I share a room with my younger sister, I had only the essentials for the next couple of days in my room and everything else went into a few piles in the garage.

3. Living out of those boxes for a while...

I still don't have all of my clothes in my closet and don't ask about the amount of laundry I need to do still. At the moment I have the bed made and my laptop charger nearby, so I'm good for a while.

4. Figuring out the family schedule again

Mom has work, my sister has school, Dad has work and I have a later schedule than all of them for the next couple of weeks. This means that they wake me up before I need to be up, mostly on accident, and leave long before I do. This fun scheduling causes problems with parking the various cars for all of us, since I leave later and return later than everyone else. I end up parking in the street sometimes to make sure everyone can get out when they need to.

5. Dealing with family members and pets

Not only do I have to figure out where all of my clothes went in all of the boxes in the garage, I have to get used to being attacked by cute puppies every time I come home, a cat that's very jealous of my attention, the fact that my family is always around again, and sharing a room with a sister who has never had the experience of living with a roommate before. (Below are my adorable puppies and my cat.)

This is Lucas, and below is his sister Lucy.

And finally, my cat Coalette, who likes the outdoors but doesn't want to be harassed by the puppies.

While I love my family, and I happen to love working my summer job, I really long to go back to school, if only to live in my own room with so many others my age. It'd be like living in an apartment of my own, only to come back for a really long holiday with all of your family at once. Moving home is difficult and figuring out how life is going to work with so many independent people in one house is interesting. I'm looking forward to it, and despite my complaints, I love being so close to family.