11 Movies To Watch When You're In Need Of A Good Cry

11 Movies To Watch When You're In Need Of A Good Cry

Break out those tissues, you're going to need them.

Movies are pure magic, and the ones that get you attached to the characters and mess with your emotions tend to be my favorites. Some of the best movies ever made are the ones that make you cry and warm your heart at the same time.

There is something so therapeutic about letting out a good cry, especially when the movie has a happy ending. In need of some late night sobbing? These movies are sure to have your back.

1. "The Blind Side"

This heartfelt story of Michael Oher's journey from the streets of Tennessee to the NFL will be sure to make you sob. It is one of the most moving stories to ever be made into a film.

2. "The Last Song"

Watching Ronnie struggle with finding herself and fixing her relationship with her father may make your heart break, but seeing her find happiness and end up with Will will mend it back together.

3. "A Dog’s Purpose"

If you've ever lost a pet before, watching this movie is impossible without shedding a tear. It makes me happy to think that our dogs never truly die, but they continue to live on in other pups.

4. "The Notebook"

Because of Allie's dementia, Noah must constantly remind her of their love story, even on the days she doesn't recognize who he is. It is a beautiful story that proves the power of love can keep two souls connected forever.

5. "Toy Story 3"

These toys have been together forever, and when they accidentally hop on a conveyer belt that basically leads them to death, I nearly lost it. When Andy gives his toys away at the end, it feels like he's giving away a part of your childhood, too.

6. "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants"

Despite the different journeys and issues they go through, these four friends are always there for each other. After going through the deaths of loved ones, family struggles, and heartbreak, it is proven that this friendship can withhold anything.

7. "Love, Simon"

Following the heartbreaking struggles of a closeted gay high-schooler will make you cry way more than you think. His family and friends' caring reactions will warm your heart and give you hope for a better future for the LGBTQ community.

8. "The Vow"

More memory loss in this one. A married couple gets into a terrible accident, and the wife completely forgets the life she's had with her husband. How can you not ugly cry when she comes back to him at the end? It proves that fate is real!

9. "Remember the Titans"

People of all different colors come together to create a dream team on the football field. Race should never be something that comes between two people, and this movie proves that time and time again.

10. "Dirty Dancing"

Watching a young girl find love and stand up to her father by doing what's right are the most moving parts of this movie. Nobody puts Baby in the corner.

11. "50 First Dates"

THE DAMN MEMORY LOSS. This time, the wife forgets her memory every day when she wakes up, and to help her through it, her husband shows her a videotape each morning that maps out the life she has. She even gets to re-meet her daughter every day.

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5 Things To Think About During Trans Week Of Visibility

You should always think of your trans friends, but especially during this week.


Trans week of visibility is March 25 through March 31, these are the five things you should keep in mind during those days (and at all times).

1. Using The Correct Pronouns Are Extremely Important


If you do not know which pronouns to use, just ask. When talking to a trans person do not assume their pronouns, hell- don't assume a cisgender persons pronouns it is always better to ask someones pronouns when you first start talking to them. Using the correct pronouns is a major step in accepting trans people and it makes us feel so much more accepted, loved, and respected. It isn't that hard to do, so just ask.

2. Dead Names Are Dead For A Reason


If you know a trans persons dead name, DO NOT SHARE IT WITH OTHERS. It is dead for a reason. When trans people change their name (or pronouns) it is to reflect how they truly feel on the inside and show it to the outside world. This is something that is personal and should not be shared with anyone. Deadnaming a trans person is violent. Once a trans person has told you "Hey, I go by this name now", use that new name. Embrace it, love it, accept it, move on.

3. Never Ask What Genitals Trans People Have Or Which Bathroom They Use


First off, this is none of your business and why do you want to know? This is very private information and unless you're a doctor performing surgery or a doctor treating a patient you do not need to know what genitals a person has. Nobody needs to know which bathroom a person uses. That's all I have to say about this. Just don't do either of these things.

4. The World Isn't That Safe For Us, So Please Try To Make It Safer


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5. Love Us, Respect Us, Support Us


That's all we ask.

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