5 Movies You Should Watch This Summer

Summer is for fun activities, vacations, swimming, and also some relaxation. While summer is hectic and can have a lot of rushing around at times, it also is a time to slow down and re-energize. In my opinion, there is nothing better than a summer night curled up on the couch watching a movie. I personally love watching movies with my friends and family. I live for movie marathons. So I decided to give at least five of my personal favorite movies for your viewing pleasure this summer!

1. Any Marvel movie.


I realize most people have seen most of the Marvel movies, however, having a Marvel movie marathon is perfect for summer! You can stretch the movies out and watch them with your family and friends! These are perfect for families to watch together! There are loads of laughter, action, adventure, and some heartwarming moments through all of the Marvel movies! Plus if you finish the marathon in time, you can go see Endgame in theaters at the end of it!

2. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle


This movie is hilarious! It is perfect for any movie night. This movie is guaranteed to make you laugh. The cast is perfect together and everyone gives a great performance! Gather the family around and enjoy this modernized Jumanji!

3. How To Train Your Dragon


This is probably my favorite animated movie. Usually when an animated movie takes off and then they make a sequel to it, the sequel is never very good. However, with How To Train Your Dragon, that is not the case. The trilogy gets better with every movie. This movie is great for kids and adults! Another great movie to watch with the family!

4. The Greatest Showman


This is a great movie! It might be iffy for some people because it is a musical, but I promise this is so entertaining! The music is fantastic, as is the choreography, and the acting! Another great movie for the family on a summer night!

5. Harry Potter


Another great option for a movie marathon would be the Harry Potter movies! Again, most people have seen these. However, if you have a rainy weekend or a weekend to relax these are great to have a movie marathon on those types of weekends. The magic, friendship, love, and sense of wonder in these movies make them perfect to watch with the family or even by yourself.

These were just my personal favorite movies! Hope you enjoy them!

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