Movies to Watch if You're a Fan of Ocean's Eleven
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Movies to Watch if You're a Fan of Ocean's Eleven

Movies to Watch

Movies to Watch if You're a Fan of Ocean's Eleven

Are you a die-hard Ocean’s Fan? Well, here are movies that you should watch if you’re a fan of the Ocean’s movies.

Not many movies can have the same impact as Ocean's Eleven had. Ocean's Eleven is a movie that inspired a genre when heist movies were not doing well in the cinematic world. However, we have come a long way since then, creating a crime comedy matchup that a true fan of movies can appreciate. We dive into the list of movies you should watch if you enjoyed Danny Ocean making history.

Now You See Me

Now You See Me, has objectively been a box office success. The first movie in modern-day cinema gives the modern-day magician a classy look. Follow "The Four Horsemen" as they balance the intricacies of performing magic, combined with the thrill of a heist. What starts with an "innocent tarot card" evolves into becoming on top of the FBI's list of most wanted.

Baby Driver

After losing his parents in a car accident, "Baby" has found himself with exceptional skill. A getaway drive is perfect for any crew, with a particular auditory condition known as tinnitus, a permanent ringing in his ear. As a result of this constant frustrating sound in his ear, Baby has the habit of getting under people's skin, always wearing headphones to try to drown out the noise. This usually gets him into trouble with the other crew members; who wonder how he will pull off heists while making enemies with his many crews.

A Fish Called Wanda

Started by John Cleese, this classic possibly inspired the directors of Ocean’s 11. A film about crew members crossing one another in their attempt to get away with the stolen diamonds. It is a back-and-forth game between the crew members trying to evade the cops and yet ensure that everyone gets a piece more extensive than the cut for themselves.

The Gentlemen

With an extravagant cast that took the cinematic world by storm. The Gentlemen is a heist movie. The movie relies on action and comedic elements to keep the viewers engaged. With a format similar to How I Met Your Mother, the film takes place while the main characters tell the story to another. Trying to sell a marijuana empire has never been this difficult.

The Big Lebowski

How unlucky would it be if your name got you assaulted? This is the fate a character referred to as "The Dude" finds himself in. After being attacked for what appears to be no reason, he soon finds out that he shares the name "Jeffrey Lebowski" with the millionaire who was the real target of the recent violence "The dude" has found himself in.

The Grand Budapest Hotel

There are not many crime comedies as stylish as The Grand Budapest Hotel. Located in the fictional world of Zubrowka, the concierge finds himself framed for murder. The concierge has the goal of clearing his name and picking up the Renaissance painting in the process. Will he manage to evade arrest successfully?

Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

Many argue that this is the film that kick-started Guy Richie's directing career. Understandably so, as this was the first film that brought him international success. The movie revolves around a young card player who lost all his money to a crime lord. In massive debt, he seeks out the help of his friends to help him rob a local gang. Does this audacious plan help him clear his name?

Reservoir Dogs

Arguably the most excellent crime movie ever made. Who thought that not tipping a waiter could cause so much drama amongst friends? The heist goes sour, and more people die than that was anticipated. Do the crew members make it out alive and avoid a jail sentence? Was the whole thing a set-up from the get-go?



A movie that trademarked Guy Richie's humor and dialogue style. His second movie after Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, and possibly one of his most successful movies ever. An expensive diamond heist goes wrong, and everyone is trying to hunt down Mickey.

Over time, there have been many great movies that have been released, balancing the beautiful line between success and jail. If you enjoyed Ocean's 11, you would surely enjoy one of the movies on this list.

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