Recently, since I have moved to Greensboro and closer to school, I have been using the library to my advantage. During my sophomore year I noticed that the library supplies us with not only books, wifi, and creepy hall ways that look all the same, but also a lot of recent movies to rent. The library has a abundant amount of DVD's which can go as far back as the mid 1990's to last month. Since I'm not like the rest of my generation, who more than likely threw away their DVD players along with their television which had a box on the back of them, I have kept my DVD player.

Every week my roommate and I go about once or twice to the library and rent out a bunch of movies that we either haven't seen or want to re-watch from our childhood. Recently, I have noticed that a lot a movie should not have sequels, yet for some odd reason do.

1. "Ice Age: Continental Drift"

We all remember "Ice Age," where Manny, Sid, and Diego take a baby human back to his family and travel through the first "Ice Age;" caused by the squirrel who never seems to get himself killed. The second movie involved the meltdown of the "Ice Age" from the first movie, hence the name "Ice Age: The Meltdown." The third movie involves dinosaurs, which is where the makers of "Ice Age" maybe should have done some research. Anyone with the ability to a work a computer know that mammoths and dinosaurs never actually coexisted. Then, to make things worse, the makers decided that a fourth movie would be the perfect cherry topper.

In the fourth movie, "Ice Age: Continental Drift," not only starts the movie off very unrealistic, but the whole movie itself makes you want to tilt your head to the side and question it a little. The movie starts off with the never dying squirrel basically hitting the core of the earth, after he has fallen into the center of the earth, causing all of these mountains and wonders of the world. This doesn't make much sense seeing as how the core of the earth itself is about 11,000 degrees Fahrenheit, yet the squirrel still lives. If you think it's over, it's not, there is another movie that is being released this summer.

2. "Alvin and the Chipmunks"

We all loved the first movie as children and sang the songs, but when the second movie came out we were kind of skeptical of it. For there is no way that any school would allow chipmunks to attend, yet alone play on the football team. When it came to the third movie not only do six chipmunks somehow get taken away by a fly away kite, but they end up on an island. If you didn't know, most chipmunks only live three to six years.

These chipmunks have already signed their first record deal, gone to a year in school (possibly more), and now they are stranded on an island. They're bound to die anytime soon, but nope! Out comes the fourth movie! Lets not even get into ridiculous details. After all these movies though you would think someone would give poor old Dave some cough drops for yelling as much as he had to.

Other movies can include the Toy Story, Shrek, Bourne Identity, Taken, and even Iron Man sequels. Enough talking about movies that have too many sequels, lets talk about the movies that should've had them.

1. "The Incredibles"

We all remember watching this movie on repeat as children. The super hero family who fights against evil, but we all remember the end. The family walks out of a track meet and an evil mole comes bursting out of the ground, the camera then turns to the family and they are ready to fight, but what happens? No one knows! For years we have been sitting here waiting for "The Incredibles 2" to come out and nothing.

2. "The City of Ember"

Most people may have not seen this movie, but long story short the people of Ember have been underground for years and its about time they get out. The mayor doesn't want people to leave so he tells them there is no possible way out, but a young girl finds a way. The whole movie we see her figuring out these ways, and then of course at the end getting out of the underground city, she sees a sunset land for miles and miles, and then the movie ends.

What happens to this girl? Does she live? Does she find other people living above ground and join a new city? This movie was made from a series of books, books that have already been published. Which means there is more to come, but will it ever? Jeanne DuPrau published four books, yet there has only been one movie made.

Maybe the movie industry will never get sequels right. The only thing we can do is hope for better sequels. For all movie lovers we must hope.