I've always been a huge fan of sharks, not seeing them in real life or swimming with them, but learning about them. Shark week recently passed and is a week I look forward to every year. I simply plop my body in front of the TV and move strictly only for bathroom and food breaks. The stories, research, ideas and information shared absolutely astound me. In my mind, sharks are extremely interesting creatures, but also very terrifying when it comes to their contact with humans lately. There have recently been numerous shark attacks in cities and states near me, which is extremely frightening. Their sharp teeth, quick moving fins and predatory skills do not have humans searching for direct contact. "The Shallows" is the new "Jaws". This man-eating great white shark does not seem to care whether it is eating human flesh or fish scales; it continues to attack and devour whatever crosses its feeding ground.

To sum up the plot, a young woman and medical student, Nancy Adams (played by Blake Lively), is reeling over the loss of her mother and decides to find a special beach for some much needed solace that her mother used to tell her stories about. Ignoring the many dangers of surfing alone, she hits the waves and suddenly gets gruesomely bitten by a great white shark. This strands her in the ocean on a rock that she has been forced to swim to. While stranded, the enormous great white has determination to enjoy Nancy as its next meal, which the movie completely revolves around. Being stranded 200 yards from shore, this startled woman must fight for her life as the deadly predator hunts her down (this is all shown in the trailer).

It is important to remember that the ocean is not simply a calm body of water, it has many other parts to it, only making the movie that much better. There's high tide, low tide, dolphins, tiny fish, sharp coral, all sorts of plant life, waves, seagulls flying above and many other living sea creatures, which all could very well affect Nancy's situation, but you'll have to see the movie to find out what really happens. This entire film will without a doubt have you on the edge of your seat. During the viewing, I was waiting for a moment to catch my breath and relax my nerves, but it never came.

The whole one hour and 27 minutes will have you cringing from head to toe with chills constantly spilling down your spine. You will scream, gasp, jump and want to close your eyes, but you won't be able to let yourself miss a single second. Overall, I highly suggest this movie to all mature audiences, but be sure you can handle some terror because it's definitely one to cause nightmares.

For someone like myself who is very interested by sharks and sees many thrilling movies, I highly enjoyed watching, even though there wasn't a second when my heart rate was at a steady pace. The story line also isn't only about Nancy and the petrifying shark, it's about her younger sister, the loss of her mother, her father's dreams for her and her own inner self. It is about believing in oneself to achieve anything, whether the goal is achieved or not, it still revolves around the thought of believing in it, which is what truly matters.

Speaking for the majority of those who have seen this movie, good luck stepping foot in the ocean afterwards. If you think the "Jaws" movies were fearsome, just wait until you see "The Shallows". Does the shark survive? Will the bite kill Nancy before the shark gets the chance? Will she survive? What problems occur? How can this end well? How can this end at all? Discover the answers by seeing this blood-curdling movie; it is without a doubt worth your time!

Check out the official trailer here!