As we inch closer to the month of October, it is becoming more and more vital to prepare for the perfect night in or the perfect night out. Yes, it is important to gather all the makeup and wardrobe for you bomb outfit of a zombie ex wife, but it is even more important to get the best entertainment for the nights in leading up to the big night out. Everyone knows about the classics- Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, and Halloween- but there are some good movies that often go overlooked when it comes to the Halloween Movie Marathon list. Here are some personal favorite franchises that I would recommend to anyone looking to kick start their Halloween movie marathons.

Wrong Turn 1-6 (2003-2014)

First on this list ordered in no particular way is Wrong Turn. Just a fair warning, don’t go in expecting a cinematic masterpiece, as it is more kill porn and stereotypical horror movie characters than anything. It is essentially a six movie franchise which follows a group of incestuous, inbred, cannibalistic hillbillies in good ol’ West Virginia by Director Declan O’Brien. This series is one of those movies that you can sit down and enjoy with a tray of finger foods without having to worry about keeping up with a plot, or an in depth backstory about the main villain.

Joy Ride 1-3 (2001-2014)

Similar to the Wrong Turn series is the Joy Ride trilogy. Joy Ride follows the heartwarming story of a rogue truck driver by the CB handle of Rusty Nail, with each movie following a different set of unlucky teenagers who cross his path. Much like Wrong Turn, it does not take much brainpower to understand the plot of the movie, nor does it take a lot to follow along. It is also the same in being more torture porn than an actual work of art, however the plots can be entertaining as the victims try to outsmart Rusty before he gets his hands on them.

The Purge Trilogy 1-3 (2013-2016)

The Purge trilogy (soon to be series) is arguably one of the best films to be made, specifically the second of the three. At the center, all three movies follow a group of people of one type or another as they try to survive the annual purge- a night where all crime is legal. The first follows a family in their own home, the second follows Sergeant Leo Barnes on his hunt for revenge, and the third follows Leo Barnes as well as senator and presidential candidate Roan. All three stories tie together subtly so they could be watched apart as if they were stand alones, or back to back. For those who have seen them, let’s all agree that the first one is god awful, (or at least lacking in the cinematic skill), and could probably be skipped, but from then on it picks up heavily and it definitely worth a watch rewatch, especially when considering a fourth is to be coming out. After all, what better movie trilogy to binge when there are people with masks ringing your doorbell on the Devil’s Evening?

Rarely do series consistently hold my attention, but all three of the above were all worth a binge. Whether it's trashy gore porn of an adrenaline rush, movie trilogies and series are perfect to watch during the month of October because they are already laid out for you! Already, there are twelve recommendation's for how to get in Halloween mood in the most gruesome ways possible. Whether it's bootleg, or legally picking up the DVD box sets, these series are sure to leave an impression- good or bad, I can't promise, but they are certainly all worth a watch.

Next week is going to be stand alones, because as good as series are, a good one and done is not half bad.