It inspires us, it educates us, it motivates us. But what is it about movement that makes the concept so perplexing?

It may be the changes it brings upon our lives. It may be the grace, chaos, and overall mystery it symbolizes. Or maybe, it is simply the fact that it challenges us with a multitude of obstacles. We are constantly challenged as a result of movement throughout our lives, in both beautiful and detrimental ways.

Each time we receive a challenge, we are instilled with the power to decide how we will handle it, or if we will face it at all. Most of the time, we tend to disregard the little things in life. The little things that make us happy, the little things that brighten our days – the little things that lift our spirits and give us a reason to keep going. Yet, the more we disregard the little things, the bigger the challenges they tend to create for us in the long run.

When we acknowledge these things, and we take charge of the challenges, we are moved. We feel a sense of pride, a sense of accomplishment, a sense of worth. Movement forces us to create lives for ourselves and find our true purposes. We are pushed to excel and strive toward our goals. We look ahead to our individual futures and examine the ways in which we will be moved to choose a path that suits us, as we question the idea of whether or not we will choose the path less traveled.

Does it hold all of ones hopes and desires, or will it leave us fearful and emptyhanded? One may never find the exact answer they are looking for, though if you execute hard work and aspirations to the fullest of potentials, that answer may be closer in reach than expected. If you refuse growth, if you remain stagnant and unmoved, then what are you living for?