Relationships are beautiful, priceless, and special. The thought of opening to someone is amazing. Finding out what that person likes, what's their dislikes, favorite foods, favorite thing to do and more are very intriguing. Having one person to give you affection and care is needed sometimes after a long day, but when all of this is sucked away from the relationship, what's next?

Dealing with a tough break-up is annoying, sad, confusing, and in some cases baffling. How you move forward can determine many things for you as a person, the more you gain in age.

Here are a few tips on how to deal with that tough break-up:

1. Cry it out!

It is okay to cry, especially when you are no longer with a person you have strong feelings for. Cry before you go to sleep, cry outside sitting on your balcony, cry in the shower. It doesn't matter where you do, as long as you get it out.

2.  Do not check your social media to check for them.

If they post on snapchat, do NOT click on their avi. Everyone isn't going to cope like you. That person may be at the bar drinking, partying, or talking trash. You don't know what you will see, so it's best to avoid their snapchat, Instastory, Facebook, Twitter and more.

3. Stay busy!


Try hanging out with your friends, traveling, reading, working out and more. By staying busy, you are making room for other things, which can help alleviate stress from the break-up. Put your focus and energy into a hobby or talent that you possess. Attack this change in your life before it attacks you. Staying busy is not going to heal the heartbreak quick, but it will be beneficial for your mental health.


Focus on your mental health. Make sure you aren't getting into a bad dump from your emotions, which could lead to something a little more serious. If you need to have some space and "me" time from friends and family, vocalize it and take some time for you. Have a bubble bath, binge watch a new series, shop until you drop, whatever makes you HAPPY, do it! You are important, so make sure you focus on yourself after dealing with a break-up.

5. Time will heal all.

Nothing is going to change overnight (except of course the relationship). Trying to convince yourself that you do NOT have feelings for your recent ex is not realistic. Deal with it now because if you don't, you'll always be bitter. Do not rush this process because feelings do not relieve quickly. Pain sucks, especially that break-up pain. Remember to take everything day by day.

Break-ups are bad for the soul, but as just as it is bad for the soul it can be good. Everything in life that is seen as pain can result in a lesson. If the relationship did not work, then it did not work for a reason. Take this and learn from it because it can be beneficial in the future when moving forward with more relationships. Break-ups aren't all bad. Sometimes people are just meant to be friends, or in your life for a season, so don't think it is the end of the world.