Why You Need To Try The Coffee At The Moth Coffeehouse
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Coffee Shops Of NJ: The Moth Coffeehouse

Part 1 of a series detailing excellent local coffee shops around New Jersey, and what makes them so excellent, as presented by a coffee addict.

Coffee Shops Of NJ: The Moth Coffeehouse

I am a college student, and I am also coffee-obsessed. Why bother mentioning those as separate events, say you? Because being on the verge of a narcoleptic fit at the hands of my continuing education means I have a perfectly discriminating eye for pleasant atmospheres to study and get a caffeine fix. In this series, I will detail some of my favorite local coffee shops throughout the great Garden State, and why they are so special to me. Hopefully, you are compelled to go check some of them out yourself and support local business!


Located in history-rich Allentown, The Moth is warmly situated on the first floor of The Old Mill overlooking Doctors Creek. The Old Mill is quite a fascinating building, with its construction predating the birth of George Washington by 25 years. Within the Old Mill are other equally charming small businesses.

What makes it unique

Outside of the fact that it's located in a possibly haunted but super cool historic building, the Moth is vegetarian/vegan. They have a ton of different milk options for your coffee or tea, and they have desserts and food which are all vegetarian/vegan. Even if you aren't vegetarian/vegan, the Moth could be a nice place for you if you're, say, lactose intolerant.


This shop has borderline archetypal coffee shop atmosphere, and I mean that in the best way possible. It has a very bohemian feel to it, is located in a rustic, old mill house, furnished by minimally manipulated wood pieces, endorsing recycling and composting, patrons using mismatched silverware, advertising yoga retreats and local artwork, but also paying homage to local history. It is a very calm place, with abundant natural lighting. The music played is never too loud, and is usually something laid-back. The hand-written chalkboard menu makes it all the more clear you are in a one-of-a-kind place. It is very Instagram-worthy, though you may be so taken by the delicious coffee and fare that you forget to even take out your phone!

Prices and Payment

The going rate of coffee at this shop is comparable to most cafes, which is very competitive in my opinion, considering that they are vegan/vegetarian, which can drive prices up sometimes.

Quality of Coffee

I wouldn't write about them if their coffee wasn't good-- so obviously its taste has my approval. They source their coffee from around the world, and ethically, of course.

Other Fare

Along with having very quality drinks, the Moth offers a litany of baked goods and actual food. The dessert menu changes daily, as they have different desserts baked daily, but the food menu is relatively static. All fare is vegetarian if not vegan, and the Moth is very adamant on composting any food that hasn't been eaten by patrons.


I have never had an unpleasant experience with the staff at the Moth. They are always polite, patient, and welcoming. They are stoic, but not unfriendly, and they are eager to make your experience with them as pleasing as possible. If you dine in, they will even bring your beverage to your table for you.


I would be lying to you if I said the bathrooms didn't creep me out as they are in the basement of the building, which hosts a vacant space that used to be Spider's Cafe, now dark, empty, and longing for patronage. I recognize the creepiness is not the fault of the Moth's, as the bathroom is shared by all businesses in the building. That being said, the bathrooms are always clean and always have soap and toilet paper, so even if they have some real Bloody Mary vibes going on, it's a well-maintained bathroom.


Every time I have been to the Moth, there is always someone I recognize from a previous visit there. This place has its set of regulars, and for good reason. The Moth is very good to its patrons and to its community, and appears to be involved with the goings-on of Allentown. They advertise local artists and their work, honor the history of the town, advertise and support other local business, practice composting and recycling, and host community events such as "Yoga & Tea".

A place with many uses

Need a place to study? The Moth is great for that with its even-keel atmosphere, calming views of the lake which Doctors Creek flows into, and abundant power outlets, it makes topics such as Organic Chemistry less insufferable. Want to stop for coffee and a baked good with your little ones? Sure, you can go to the Moth for that-- they have a little corner with a sundry of children's toys and coloring books. Have to sort through some emotional baggage? Brood over a nice coffee and stare out the large window while enjoying the works of Jack Johnson in the Moth! Want to impress your vegan/vegetarian date with some Earth-friendly, humane desserts and coffee unlike any other? The Moth. Is. The answer. The Moth is always the answer.

My one stipulation

I couldn't sing the praises of this coffeehouse and not tell you the truth concerning the one problem I have with it, and that is this: the hours are a little whack in my opinion. The Moth is not open on Sundays OR Mondays, and Tuesday through Saturday, the hours are from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. This means that if you're fixing to warm up alongside their Nutella latte and a heavenly vegan cupcake at 7 a.m. before you run to work, you're out of luck. This also means that if you are like me and time means nothing to you, you cannot patronize their business at 11 PM on a Wednesday in search of a cold brew with an extra shot of espresso.

Recommendations on what to order

I am a big fan of coffee served cold, so I normally order their lattes, which are good even without flavor shots. Their cold brew is very good, and I also have been warmed by their hot lattes in the winter. In so far as food, I have never really ordered any of their actual meals, but I have enjoyed a lot of their cakes and donuts, all of which I recommend. Be mindful, they are vegan cakes and thus tend to be denser than your average cake, which personally I don't find to be a problem as I have an insatiable sweet tooth.

So hopefully this has enticed you to check out The Moth Coffeehouse! Here is the link to their site if you have any questions!

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