Oreo has attempted to shock Oreo lovers yet again with another new take on their classic cookies. There's been cherry cola, fruit punch, even hot & spicy cinnamon Oreos (side note: this flavor's actually not too bad) in the many years since the introduction of the traditional Oreos. But after many line extensions and limited edition flavors, Oreo has finally gotten it right with "The Most Stuf" Oreo.

This new Oreo's claim to fame is not a new or unusual flavor, but its creme. Better than the Double Stuf and even a level above the Mega Stuf, Most Stuf oreos have four times the amount of creme of a regular oreo. If you look at one closely, it looks like the creme is two layers of what is in a Double Stuf Oreo. Dreams really do come true, right?

Let's be real, this is every Oreo lover's dream. If you love the creme of Oreos, you've hands down definitely, at one point or another, taken creme off of several Oreos and piled it onto one to make your own Most Stuf Oreo.

But now you can have a whole box of these, minus all the work.

Oreo got it right with this new edition because it kept the tried and true recipe, but leveled up exactly what we needed. This new Oreo is the definition of the childhood dream I never knew I needed to come true, coming true right before my eyes.

If you haven't tried Most Stuf Oreos yet AND you consider yourself an Oreo person, it's time to give them a go. I promise you won't be disappointed.

I've already made plans to stock up... Because if these are truly limited edition, I'm not ready to be finished just yet.