Will Your Position Become Obsolete? These are the 15 Most In Demand Jobs for the Future
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Will Your Position Become Obsolete? These are the 15 Most In Demand Jobs for the Future

At the current rate of our technological advances, automation is in our near future. Is your career listed as one of the most in demand jobs for the future?

Will Your Position Become Obsolete? These are the 15 Most In Demand Jobs for the Future

What do you want to be when you grow up?

This is a hard question for any student to answer, but even tougher now. In a world which constantly sees technology replacing traditional human skill, the job market is different than it used to be.

If you're curious what the job market might look like in the future, there is good news- many jobs just can't be replaced. There will always be a need for intelligent, compassionate, and professional critical thinkers.

Read on to learn what the most in demand jobs for the future will be, and what skills it takes to succeed in these professions.

What Are the Most In Demand Jobs for the Future?

In a world of increasing technology, many jobs have seen a huge reduction in need. They can now be automated, either digitally or via artificial intelligence. This can make choosing a future career path a daunting prospect.

However, there are many jobs that will continue to need talented, skilled workers. Here are some of the top jobs that can't be replaced by technology.

1. Surgeons

As a society, our populations are growing rapidly and also aging. With more people to care for, especially an older demographic, medical care is more important than ever.

Although many surgeries are performed robotically, with the help of technology, a trained surgeon is still always needed to plan and deliver the surgery, while operating the technology. Robotic surgery is seen often, especially in the fields of joint replacements, oncology, and hysterectomies.

2. Engineering

Engineers are literally the occupation who will design, plan, and build our future. Structural engineers are needed to create buildings and cities and biochemical engineers are important as well. Combining the fields of biology, chemistry, and engineering, they develop and create products. Their work makes our lives healthier and more efficient.

Future engineers should focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), knowing the result will be a well-paying, interesting, and in-demand career.

3. Financial Advisor

There will always be a need to save money for college, finance a mortgage, or plan for retirement. Working as a financial advisor is interesting, enjoyable, and you get to help others make their financial goals become reality.

Financial planning is a specialized skill that we turn to professionals for, trusting their experience and advice to maximize our finances.

Completing a FRM course (Financial Risk Management) is a great starting point for entry into this lucrative field.

4. Nursing

Nursing will always need new workers. Nurses and nurse practitioners are essential to the healthcare system. We count on them for compassionate and personalized care through all stages of life.

Administering medicine, responding quickly to a challenging situation, and even just a friendly word to a person who is unwell are life-changing vital services that can never be done by a machine. It requires someone who has strong attention to detail, has a desire to help and care, and has strong ethics.

5. Teachers

Teachers will always be needed to educate future generations. From teachers of young children up though the university level, education is something that can not be replaced.

While we increasingly see technology in the education space, through things like distance and online learning and students submitting assignments via apps on their tablets, human educators will always be needed to facilitate these learnings.

If you have a passion and love for learning, are a strong communicator, and enjoy working with children, this might be the career for you.

6. Home Health Aids

With a large aging population, the need for medical care will continue to be in demand. In-home care is especially important, as many people may need short-term assistance in their home. This includes those recovering from hip or knee replacements.

Long term care in the home is also needed, such as for those recovering from illness or undergoing lengthy treatments. Home health care gives the patient the ability to recover and rest in the comfort of their own home.

Often, personal care in the home is covered under medical insurance, making it much easier to access for the patient.

7. Mental Healthcare

Although physical wellbeing has always been important, in recent decades we have increased our understanding of the importance of mental health. Mental healthcare is as important as the physical, and there is a strong demand for mental healthcare professionals.

Psychologists, therapists, and social workers all play an important role in the mental health space. Mental health care workers helps patients live fulfilling and balanced lives, working with them to manage their mental health.

8. Software Developer

Software development is a skill that shows no signs of slowing down. We rely on technology for so much in life that there is a constant need for new software and computer applications.

Software developers are hardworking, creative, great troubleshooters, and can make a vision come to life on the screen. Related fields that will also continue to be in demand include computer programming, technology support specialists, and database administrators.

9. Physical Therapist

Physical therapists play a key role in the healthcare system. They work with patients to recover after an injury or surgery. They also educate patients on how to cope and improve with a medical condition they might be living with.

Every medical condition is slightly different, so each unique treatment plan is created and tailored by the physical therapist for that individual. This type of individualized and personal care can only be done by a trained and experienced physical therapist.

10. Construction

The construction industry is not something that can ever be replaced by machines. Workers in the fields of building and construction will always be needed. From new homes, office buildings, and repairs to existing structures, there is always work to be done.

This includes not only trained construction workers, but also project managers, foremen, engineers, and tradesmen such as plumbers, electricians, and carpenters.

11. Veterinarians

As with human medicine, we are likely to see a continued need for veterinarians and animal care workers in the future. Our love for pets shows no sign of ending, and caring, compassionate, and talented veterinarians will also be in-demand.

Job prospects for new veterinarians are very good, and those who eventually go on to open their own practice can find it quite lucrative.

From domestic animal care for our dog and cats or vets with a focus on agriculture and animal husbandry, these are great occupations that we will continue to need in the future.

12. Cybersecurity

As the world we live in becomes increasingly digital, the safety of our online spaces become more important than ever. Web security is a huge concern for many governments and businesses. In recent years, huge corporations such as eBay, Adobe, and Yahoo have dealt with data breaches, leaving the financial and personal details of their customers at risk.

Experts in the field of cybersecurity work to create networks and systems that can prevent and stop cyberattacks. Those looking to work in cybersecurity should have an understanding of computer hacking, strong problem-solving skills, technical and IT expertise, and knowledge of coding. It's a constantly evolving and competitive field. Cybersecurity experts are always working to stay one step ahead of the hackers.

13. Data scientists

You might not be aware of the role of data scientists, but chances are, they have had a big impact on your day to day life. Data scientists study and analyze large amounts of consumer and market data to predict trends, detect patterns, and interpret results.

Data scientists often work in the field of marketing, politics, manufacturing, economics, and IT, to name a few. It's a fascinating field to work in that sees increasing demand from many different areas of the economy.

14. Law

An understanding of the law and the important work done by lawyers, judges, court clerks, and prosecutors is not something that can be replaced by a machine. Every county, state, and government will need educated, intelligent, and dedicated servants of the court who can ensure justice is served by our governments.

Law is particularly nuanced and takes years of study, a critical eye, and empathy towards others to be successful. It's a specialized skill set to become a lawyer, and it takes years of study and dedication. However, it is also a rewarding, challenging, and generally highly paid field that will continue to need new students.

15. The Arts

There will always be a place in the future for human creativity, something that can never be replaced by a machine. Art, theatre, music, and dance may not always be the highest paid professions, but there will always be a demand for creative arts in the future.

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There you have it, the most in demand jobs for the future! If you're trying to select a future occupation, it's hard to go wrong with one of the above fields. They will offer rewarding, challenging, and lucrative career paths for motivated students.

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