Mornings and I have never really been on the best of terms. Heck, I would even go as far to say we're not on any terms. There's really no way to avoid them, because unfortunately mornings come around every day. Before I can even think of functioning in the morning, I need some kind of sweetened, or caffeinated beverage — sometimes both depending what kind of night I had. (Who am I kidding? I live for Dunkin Doughnuts vanilla iced lattes.)

I'm not sure at what age I discovered my strong dislike for mornings and waking up early. All I am sure of, is it definitely got worse, and is getting worse as I age. There's nothing in particular that I dislike about mornings. Maybe it's the peppy morning people who always want to rub their morning peppiness off on everyone they see. Or maybe it's the fact that I am always questioned as to why I don't like mornings.

Even though I'm a pretty light sleeper, and somewhat easy to wake up in the morning, that does not mean I like doing it. One thing I cannot deal with in the morning is people asking me a million and one questions if the answer can be found somewhere else. I promise, give me until noon and then I'll be my normal, friendly, sarcastic self.

Until then, good luck.