Sunlight bathed my chestnut hair, and poked in through the blinds;

Creating horizontal beams of darkness and light across our bedstead.

Opening my eyes, I see your accustomed face on the pillow next to mine.

Already awake, my senses meet your gaze. My ears hear, “Good morning princess.”

Waking up next to you is my favorite part of the day.

Sweet morning-breath kisses under welcoming, morn sunlight

bring my heart contentment I never thought I’d find.

I was wrong for thinking I’d never find somewhere that felt quite like home.

Your arms and embrace have become my homestead.

My sanctuary.

Your amaretto voice sounds even sweeter when you’re sleepy.

Every word spoken enters my eardrums as music notes and melodies.

A simple, “How did you sleep?” is a symphony to my soul,

tangling every one of my limbs with yours,

I snuggle in close, basking in the beauty of you, resting my head

beneath the scruffle of your facial-hair-covered chin.

“I love you.”

Morning devotionals follow. Not a thing sounds sweeter than

hearing your voice pray for us.

Eyelashes to cheeks, I hang on to every word.



Then – I say a second prayer, to myself, thanking God for mornings like these.