I did not realize that I was a morning person until about a year ago. When I discovered that a lot of my morning routine was not quite normal, I was not sure what to think. More often than not, it was not difficult to wake up if I needed to be somewhere or do something, I had always been one of the first ones awake at almost any sleepover, and simply having coffee in the morning could have me wide awake.

Once I got into college, I realized that being the minority in this category was certainly in my favor, especially with having an 8:35 AM class twice a week. Of course I did not enjoy having to get up so early, but being a morning person definitely worked in my favor as almost everyone else walked in looking partly like a zombie.

Even though getting up is not nearly as difficult compared to someone who is strictly a night owl, it is nothing close to the fantasy showed in those morning people versus night person videos or any Disney movie ever.

No, birds don't chirp around me as I stretch and greet the sun.

No, my hair isn't perfect when I sit up and I don't always wake up with a smile on my face. Night owls have probably drawn up these fantasies of "morning people", because the idea of being able to get up easily in the morning sounds absurd.

But being a morning person is not really like that at all, at least it isn't to me. I typically don't need to hit the snooze button, and if I do, I will most likely be unable to fall back asleep and just lay there. Also, if I were to naturally wake up in the morning after 8 AM it is unlikely that I will be able to go back to sleep. These are valid to a certain degree. In other words, if I stayed up very late the night before or am not feeling well, yes, you will find me sleeping.

As for during the night, I would certainly not consider myself someone that goes to bed early. But, it is rare that you will find me awake at 2 AM on a regular basis. Even though for a college student, that is probably earlier than average.

Being able to function in morning classes has so many benefits. In fact, the idea of late afternoon and evening classes aggravates me. Having earlier classes means that there is a lot of time later on in the day to do with however much productivity as I choose. Whenever I have a class that goes past 4:00 PM, I feel as though my entire day has been wasted.

Therefore, even though there are very few morning people that I have met at college, it certainly helps make my life a whole lot easier.