Most people can relate, but college kids can probably agree the most with me when I say that mornings suck. During the school year, we stress over getting up and going to class, what we're doing for the rest of day, work or homework, what about exercise? There's a lot to think about, but to keep yourself at ease and perhaps a bit calmer for the day, here are some tips that will get you ready.

1. Drink a glass of water

Drinking water right away helps jump-start your body for a long day ahead. After getting a long night's sleep, your body is waiting to be replenished with both water and food. A glass of water will help your body "wake up" in a sense and make you feel more energized even before that morning coffee!

2. Put on some music

No one likes a dull morning. I can never handle just a boring and non-entertaining time, so instead, I put on a playlist that gets me moving and maybe even enjoy my morning a little bit more. Spotify has a bunch of playlists that are upbeat and fun to listen to.

3. Wake up earlier

This may seem like a horrible idea, but I've discovered that waking up a little bit earlier helps me get so much more done. It's hard to move your wake up time from nine to six, that's three whole hours gone, but you'll perhaps even have half of your daily tasks done before the time you usually wake up at.

4. Journal a little bit

Moving to relax things, journaling is a great way to start off your day with a cup of tea or breakfast. In one of my other posts, I explained the benefits writing has and one of which was how it gives you a jump start to the day. A popular prompt is to write for three things that you're grateful for before you keep moving on with your day.

5. Stretch

Most people naturally stretch after getting out of bed, but not all people stretch enough. Our muscles tend to be tight after sleeping for a long time and that's a while for you to be staying still. It's healthy to get up out of bed and stretch in the morning whenever you can so you're able to feel more ready for what's ahead.

6. Get up and exercise

Getting up in the morning is already so hard, so I know that most people would find getting up early to exercise might be even harder. Although, yes, you'll feel a lot more tired to get up an hour earlier, working out will actually energize your body and make you have a better attitude, thanks to the endorphins that are released during exercise. I always complain about getting up and moving, but I'm always so happy after every workout.

7. Eat a wholesome breakfast

We've been told by our parents, teachers and doctors that you should never skip breakfast. Why? Because breakfast fuels our body right after we went through a period of not eating for a long time. Along with not forgetting to eat, it's also important that your first meal is the biggest meal, as this will keep your body fuller for longer and not tempt you to binge eat later.

8. Rinse off in a cold shower

I am the kind of person who will take a shower and then see the mirrors all foggy after. I love hot showers, but taking a cold shower has actually been proven to be better for us early risers. Why is that? As most people know, hot showers help people relax and it feels soothing, whereas cold showers wake people up faster. If you're in need of a quick wake up call, a cold shower is all you need.

9. Do the most difficult thing first

My morning routine is pretty much the same everyday and I realized that my mornings became easier after I always did the most difficult thing for me first. It may be exercise or cooking breakfast, everyone is different, but getting that task out of the way first is great way to then keep your mornings relaxed so you don't have to worry about it anymore.

10. Relax for a few minutes

Mornings are hectic, I know. They can be filled with too many things to get done before you leaving and can cause a lot of stress, but sitting down for a few minutes every morning to do nothing is beneficial. No, you can't be on your phone during this time, as it helps you connect with how you're feeling or help you catch up on a few thoughts for be prepared for your day.

11. Take your vitamins

I'm such a big advocate for taking vitamins every morning...although I usually forget every other day. Not only will a good breakfast fuel your body, but taking your vitamins with it will certainly help jump-start your body for anything that comes your way. It's important to keep yourself healthy and vitamins are a quick way to do that.

With these tips, mornings may not be so bad after a few days of trying these. After I started doing more, I noticed that it was easier for me to get up and get more done before other people do. I felt more energized for my day and my mornings were never as stressful again. Now your mornings can be awesome mornings!