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"One would also hope that despite the many cultural, ethnic and economic differences we have in this country and in this world, all of that would be put aside because there are people in need, and human lives are more important than any man-made differences."

In my entire life I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed as many tragedies, controversies and inhumane activities as I have throughout the last several years. From the summer of 2014 until present day, there have been countless acts of terrorism, public displays of police brutality, numerous hate crimes, vicious hurricanes… the list goes on. One would expect, or at least hope, that during times like these- we as human beings will come together and support one another. One would also hope that despite the many cultural, ethnic, and economic differences we have in this country and in this world, all of that would be put aside because there are people in need, and human lives are more important than any man-made differences. Unfortunately, this has not been the case. In fact, instead of coming together as a unit, I fear that we have in fact been divided once again, this time more than ever before. In urban metropolitan areas, it has become minorities vs. law enforcement. In corporate America, it has become men vs. women. In the National Football League, it has become the players vs those who believe people of color are not oppressed in this country.

You can literally see the division happening right before your eyes, and it is such a sad sight to witness. The recent massacre in Las Vegas was the last straw for me. Reading the story almost brought tears to my eyes. You mean to tell me that now I can’t even go to a concert and enjoy a night out with my friends? You mean to tell me that now I must keep an eye out for myself and my loved ones at all times wherever I go? You mean to tell me that I’m not safe anywhere I go, no matter how many police officers are there? Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse… it keeps getting worse. Not only did I think about the poor souls who lost their lives that awful night, but I thought more about their families. Not only did their lives come to an end, but the lives of their families will never be the same. Thousands of lives were changed forever that night because one man had no respect for human life.

Amongst all this madness, my people are still suffering on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. Many are putting in great efforts to help ship food and supplies, but I feel like more can be done. It is also frustrating to witness the ignorant actions of the leader of this country. Instead of making disrespectful comments towards professional football players, you would expect one to put all of that to side and immediately address the crucial help that our fellow Americans need after such a disastrous hurricane. One thing I have been paying attention to is the unity within certain communities. I personally have been raising money for Hurricane Maria relief selling t-shirts. Every single person who has purchased a shirt thus far is of Latin American decent. Not that there’s an issue with that, because everyone may have their own way of giving back towards our people in need. There very well may be many white and black people who have already donated. But for example, if you take a look at the players in the NFL who have been taking knees, a large portion of them are black men. There has been a handful of white players who have been kneeling and showing support, which is an awesome sight to see. My point and my wish is for EVERYBODY to come together, not just blacks, not just Puerto Ricans, not just whites, but everyone to come together as human beings and support each other’s causes.

There has to be a moment for all of us to say you know what, enough is enough, I don’t care what color you are, I don’t care what your home looks like, I don’t care what your religion is. We are both human beings which is the most important similarity we have, and right now we need each other to make things better, because things are not okay. I feel like that moment passed some time ago, but if we should choose a time, then right now is it. Instead of spreading division, spreading negativity, spreading hate, we must spread more love.

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Millennials, Your Grandparents Would Be Offended By How Easily You Get Offended

Oh, I'm sorry, did I offend you? Imagine a world where no one felt attacked? Well, it doesn't exist.

Nowadays, you can’t construct a sentence without double OR triple checking that every word or even annunciation is up to par with 2018 societal standards of political correctness.

Or at least, that’s what people want you to do.

I feel so strongly against this “safe” way of speaking - it’s devastating to the strength of our people. Generalizations are made every day; if we didn’t make them, then our casual conversations would most likely take triple the time. If you were to pick out every single exception to argumentative topics, people would need an entire day to make something come across as delicate.

Let’s name one guy Tom. He’s reading the news about conflict in the Middle East and says, “Jesus, Iraq is a sh*t-hole, what is wrong with these people?” This is a generalization for sure, but only about a short 10 years ago, people would cognitively understand the context and the fact that it is indeed a sh*t-hole…And wouldn’t start a war over what Tom said.

So now it’s 2018, Lisa slams her laptop down and says, “You know what, that’s really insensitive. There are good people over there and you shouldn’t be blaming innocent civilians for acts of terrorism!”

First of all LISA, Tom never even mentioned civilians, he never said there aren’t good people over there, never said civilians are terrorists, and in the context of this scenario no offense should’ve been taken in the first place. Generalizations aren’t always meant to be picked apart. Of course there are certain lines that shouldn’t be crossed (You like how I added that subtle hint at making the prior line less offensive?).

Moving onto my next point, in the case that a line is crossed, is it really so bad to be offended without getting triggered?

It is a scientific fact that stress can be healthy if you handle it right. So why can’t people apply that when they feel “offended.” This is a tangent, but even bullying to a certain extent is healthy. It teaches grit, how to handle the bad guys that do exist in the real world. Ever think all this anti-bullying stuff is actually making victims of bullying feel even more like victims, leading them to deeper self-hate and depression?

Just a thought, not trying to start a new controversy.

If Lisa just said to Tom, “Yeah they’ve got some issues over there,” both Tom and Lisa wouldn’t get into an entire dispute over an innocent statement. Debating is good, but the triggered people of 2018 aren’t debating; they’re screaming, storming out of rooms, calling people bigots, and making people feel like complete a**holes.

What else do I have to rant about? How about respect for authority, including your parents? The way I’ve heard people speak to their parents has made me sick at times. Then, when their parents strike back and yell at THEIR OWN CHILDREN, this generation cries and whines to their friends about how hard they have it at home. I try to understand every day how they get away with speaking like that to their parents in the first place.

Every child or teen in the history of mankind (I’m guessing) slips up and lashes out at their parents from time to time; it’s part of growing up. As a kid, I got the occasional slap; never anything abusive but I was taught a lesson when I rightfully deserved it. Yeah, it was scary, but Dad, if you’re reading, this then I sincerely thank you for that. Now I understand respect, I understand how to communicate with higher-ups, I learned boundaries. Millennials (yeah I’m one of those), most don’t seem to understand that speaking with respect gets you respect. If more people understood that, fewer people would be offended and my tuition for University wouldn’t have to fund an entire room called the “safe space.”

Compare the way our parents were raised to the way our parents raised us (again, this is going to be a generalization, but hear me out because I’m sure you wouldn’t want to read an article as thick as the Bible).

Our grandparents didn’t fuck around.

If you weren’t home for supper on time, it was a problem. If you got bullied, handle it, fight back, even if you don’t do it physically. They didn’t pick our parents up from school… Our parents often walked miles there and back. God forbid back in the day one of our parents spoke back to theirs; I don’t even want to know what proceeded that. You want to know why our generation is filled with self-entitled immature kids? I’m sure you can figure that one out for yourself.

All in all, I think we need to chill out. Step back and decide what battles are worth screaming about and which to brush off (should be easier now that weed is becoming more acceptable).

We need to practice respect or else this entire country is going to fall apart.

Why can’t we have opinions without ripping each other apart because we feel it doesn’t suit the needs of every culture, race, religion, political standing, and now even gender? I’m sorry guys, but I’m not going to help your case for increasing political correctness. I absolutely vow to take the relevant issues this generation is facing and speak with respect and open ears. But I apologize for the fact that I can’t always focus on the precision of my word choice in a casual conversation.

From the wise words of Marshall Mathers, “Look, I can't change the way I think, and I can't change the way I am, but if I offended you? Good. 'Cause I still don't give a f*ck.”


Cover Image Credit: Emily Fahey

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10 Reasons Why Donald Trump Is NOT An Effective Leader

"If Trump continues to just do whatever he wants. there will be a huge strom coming for the entire country."

The question always is, how do you be a leader? But the question should be: how do you be an effective leader?

Some may argue Donald Trump has become an effective leader in his new position of President of The United States. While he has made some impactful changes that some may disagree or agree with, he still has not managed his leadership role properly.

The main point in being a leader is to positively move a group of people towards a common goal. Donald Trump has failed at this time and time again between his word choices and actions. The same argument can be made against Hitler and other leaders who did lead a group of people, but not effectively. Donald Trump has not exceeded the expectations the Presidential position maintains, and here's why.

1. Equality is not his strong suit.

Leaders need to be for everyone and anyone in order to make effective decisions. The whole point of equality is for the same treatment, and Donald Trump certainly has made his point that he is not in favor of equal treatment.

Between LGBTQ bashing, racial bashing, and disability bashing, Donald Trump has shown he does not care for all of the citizens he is representing. In leadership, in order to move everyone towards the common goal, everyone must be in put into perspective. That being said, everyone is not always going to be happy with that common goal.

But the important factor is that everyone feels like they have a fair, equal chance. Plus if you are representing a large mass of people (323.95 million), you need to present each and every single of them as they ALL are followers despite race, creed, sexual orientation, gender, and ethnicity.

2. He doesn't really care what he's saying.

The old classic "think before you speak" saying comes into play here. There are times a leader may hurt the feelings of others unintentionally, but this can be easily avoided by word choice. Donald Trump seems to blab out the first thought that comes to mind and while that is not always such a bad thing, he has made it one of his biggest weaknesses.

Most people will immediately stop listening the minute they are offended or upset by what they are hearing, so it's important as a speaker to try to be careful when talking on sensitive subjects. That being said, it is critical for citizens to listen to their President, but many of them do not due to Trump's disgusting and offensive speeches. He does not have a filter or does not put anyone else into perspective when he speaks.

Not only does he not seem to think but it seems as if he doesn't care what he says either. And to be an effective leader you need to care for your followers and their feelings. Even if you don't like who they are or what they stand for, they are your followers so you need to do what you can to not let your own opinions influence you.

3. He hasn't had experience.

Yes, Donald Trump was a celebrity before his election, but that does not necessarily mean he had the leadership experience he needs to be the President. He was thrown into a position that requires years of training and preparation empty handed. All he knows is how to be a celebrity, not a leader.

While some could argue that being a business man Trump took on leadership roles, there is a definite distinction between managing a business and managing the United States of America. There does require a level of political and leadership knowledge in order to be a President people can agree and follow after.

Look at it like this: would you throw a child into a pool without any swimming lessons? No, you would let them be trained professionally on different swimming techniques and how to balance... or they would just drown.

4. His morals are questionable.

A big factor when electing an important leader is how they behave now and how they behaved in the past. Many people say the past does not play apart of the future, but it does. Your past can fuel you to be better than you were before and can also teach you. The only way to learn is from your mistakes. Unfortunately, Donald Trump has not let his past teach him.

Trump has been accused of sexual assault, cheating on his wife, and many other terrible acts. There has been evidence to back up these accusations that not only make him look like a questionable leader, but a questionable human being. To be an effective leader you have to have morals that make you a decent human being, because someone who is not a decent person is going to make poor choices.

Besides his past Trump still shows his morals every day. By using phrases such as "Grab them by the pussy" and "Immigrants are terrorists" people wonder if a man who has morals such as these should be leading an entire country who was built on the freedom and justice for all.

5. He has raised a lot of hate.

During the elections videos and pictures of Trump rally's went viral from the mass of destruction that would occur. There would be racial slurs, name calling, and violence of those who were in favor of whatever Trump was saying.

As this past year has continued we have seen growth of hate groups such as the KKK and less growth of communities who need support like the LBTQ. There seems to be more discrimination in the world today as there was in 60's, given a few extreme circumstances. Women are marching for their rights, public shootings have sky rocketed, along with other hateful and discriminatory acts.

In order to move everyone effectively people need to live in harmony with one another. It seems the exact opposite is occurring as people are being discriminated against and even killed in some cases. Trump has fueled this hate more than destroyed it as he has stated and acted upon his own discriminatory opinions. How are we suppose to move towards a common goal if we can't even get along?

6. He has not always stepped up to the plate.

In 2017 we suffered among the world with hurricanes, shootings, and other tragedies that killed the spirits of the citizens everywhere. Although this was a depressing time for Americans, we all came together to help one another. Whether it was giving a hand or donating money and items, people supported each other.

A big part of being a leader is lifting your followers when they fall down. It seemed that Trump had a different idea on how to handle these tragedies. Trump seemed no where to be found when these tragedies were affecting those who needed him. And when he did arrive his attitude did not seem appropriate. For example, a video was leaked of Donald Trump throwing items in Puerto Rico after the extreme loss the community was facing.

It seems in a time of need Trump has not made his best efforts to be the leader people need him to be. Because when tragedy hits, it doesn't matter who you are, all that matters is that as a country we can recover together.

7. He has not followed through with his promises.

As all Presidential candidates do, Donald Trump made promises to his supporters. Well, let's just say that he has not even started through with those promises. For example, his slogan "Make America Great Again" hasn't even seemed to take off. Within the past year of his election win there has been more tragedies world wide. Even in 2018 we are already experiencing violence at a high rate and there doesn't seem to be any concern on what to do.

An effective leader only makes promises they know they can keep and many of us are disappointed with Trump. Sure, he has made some impactful choices that he said he would make, but for the most part there is still a lot of anticipation on when he will start to take action.

8. Other leaders do not like him, let alone won't associate with him.

Another key point in being a leader is being able to communicate among other leaders when disagreement arises. Unfortunately because Trump has made some selective and discriminatory actions, others do not want to associate with him. This can be critical when an issue arises and we as a group, and as a nation, need support.

Besides world leaders there is also a mass of leaders who do not like him or support him in any way or fashion. Even during his election other members of his party were telling voters to not vote for him. As a leader having a bad reputation can not only hurt you but your followers as well.

9. Listening skills need improvement.

Being a leader means sometimes making decisions on your own even if you don't want too. But for the most part there should be input from followers on what will impact them as well. Donald Trump has only listened to those in agreement with him and ignored those who disagreed with him.

This can be very negative when making important decisions. If voices aren't being heard then eventually those voices will ignore what they are told. Revolting, rioting, and other violence can erupt from these consequences.

If Trump could expand his knowledge and listen more to his other followers he may find some more people starting to like him, or at least tolerate him.

10. Trust was never formed.

As stated before, Donald Trump never had the experience prior to his position. Along with this, Trump did not form a bond of trust with the citizens of the U.S. In any relationship there needs to be a bond of trust in order to move forward, and that is a lacking factor between Trump and his citizens.

Trump has not proved that he can handle his positon and is looking for what's best for everyone and not just for himself. How are followers suppose to feel like there is level of understanding if there isn't anything there at all? Trump needs to take the time to find a way to show he is trustworthy and that when he makes a decision we can ensure it is what is for the best.

If Trump can prove he is ready and willing to be the President this country needs, we as a country can start to believe in him and his abilities. There will be more peace and less violence among us all. But if Trump continues to just do whatever he wants, there will be a huge storm for the entire country.

Being an effective leader is important for any and all leaders, but especially the President of The United States. Donald Trump needs to seriously take some time on his leadership skills and work on his work ethic with this country if he wants to stay in his position. Because I don't know about you, but I sure as hell don't want someone who doesn't know what they're doing as my President.

Cover Image Credit: Daniel Rangel

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