I Am Enough

To the one who made me feel like I was never enough,

Although you never directly said it, you got your point across clear as day. Through every action and every word, you made sure I got the point. You tried to make me feel as if you were on a pedastol I could never reach and as if you were always out of my reach. Do not get me wrong; at times you made me feel as if I was your whole world, but it was always followed by canceled plans and no texts back.

I spent so long wrapped around your finger. Hanging on to your every word and neglecting my self-worth. I deserved more than feeling like I was not good enough. I should have demanded respect, but instead, I sat by and watched as you controlled my every emotion. I would sit there for hours just waiting for a text back. I would get so upset every time you canceled our plans. I would feel worthless every time you would not answer the phone when all I was doing was returning a call. You made sure I never felt like a priority.

I deserved more. I am worth more than being someone's second choice. I deserve to be a priority. Walking away was the best choice I have ever made. I got my self-worth back when I realized you were the one that is not worth anything. I look back now and I am ashamed of the person that I used to be. You should have treated me better, you should have had more respect for me and for yourself. You have a lack of respect, but you can bet I do not.

That is why I am still here standing tall, chin up and my head held high. I am more than enough and will never let anyone treat me like anything less. You set out to wreck me, break down my walls and ruin my self-confidence. My apologies, but it did not work. I am still standing with my heart open and my head held the highest it has ever been. You did not succeed because I know what I deserve and I know my self-worth.

I hope one day you will look at me and know that I won. You keep spewing negativity, and I will be here with a smile on my face. I may not be perfect but there is someone out there that I am perfect for. So no, I will not sit around and let you get in my head, making me think that I am not enough for you. I am more than enough and I deserve to be treated as a priority instead of an option.

Just in case you were wondering, confidence looks good on me.

Love, the girl with her head held high

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