If there is one thing that does not stress me out in college, it is sleeping.

I always make sure to get enough sleep and it really does help.

My first semester was really bad - I blame my dad's genetics for part of it since he loves daytime naps and so do I. I used to nap anywhere from one to three times a day, including sleeping at night. I try to only take one daily nap now because napping can affect night sleep which is more important to have.

The second semester, I really got a hand on sleeping and not being tired during the day. I don't drink coffee or soda or anything caffeinated in the morning unless I am in the mood for the taste of it, which is only about once a week.

I also only have early mornings! I work as a lifeguard at the gym and in order for me to get paid I have to go in at 5:45 am some mornings. And on days when I am not working, I either get up at 8 am for class or I am sleeping off a late shift at the gym.

So here are my tips and tricks for getting more sleep in college:

1. Schedule yourself for six hours at minimum

Whenever I know my shift starts at 5:45 am the next day, I make sure I go to bed by 9:00 pm so that I have enough sleep. It is very simple and quite relaxing to be in bed so early.

2. Workout every day

I run anywhere from 30 minutes to 50 minutes each day and then do a core workout as well. This helps get some energy out so I can sleep peacefully a few hours later.

3. Have a schedule that reminds you of your wake up time and go to bed times, set at the beginning of each week.

This is so I am never surprised.

4. Do not drink coffee

I don't really like the taste of coffee and I can't continuously drink it with the exception of when I am a staff member at camp (because working with kids really requires fast energy). I really believe that relying on something other than your normal body energy to wake you up isn't good. It also comes along with coffee breath, addiction, moodiness, and stained teeth.

5. Prepare everything the night before

Each night I make sure my backpack is ready to go, my laptop is charged, my phone is charged, clothes are set, and that I have everything I need. If I am getting ready in the morning before my roommate or suitemates are awake, I make sure that I am quick and efficient at getting ready fast without disrupting them.

6. Get ready fast

I shower the night before so that in the morning, I put my clothes on, smack on some deodorant, lotion, brush my teeth, put dry shampoo in my hair, and maybe a little mascara and walk out the door. I get ready at maximum within 15 minutes. Once you are out the door and getting to class it helps get you out the door and motivated faster.