The Paralympics has always been something that I've wanted to participate in. It is the counterpart to the Olympics, where people who face some sort of challenge partake in the activities. When society thinks of those who are disabled, they often think of an individual who needs sympathy and is unable to function like a "normal" member of society. Thankfully, the Paralympics is one of the many ways disabled individuals can prove them wrong.

A lot of the time, people only start out watching the Paralympics as a way to be "inspired" by watching "less fortunate" people do the things they're too lazy to do. Once watching the Paralympics people then discover that disabled individuals are much more than weaklings who have to be sympathized. The opening ceremonies were awesome, it consisted of Aaron `Wheelz’ Fotheringham moving at a fast speed down a ramp, fire lighting as he did so. Once he reached the bottom he summersaulted through a ring of fire which you can see here:

I mean, the "regular" olympics doesn't have something like this so what makes one better than the other? Honestly, I don't watch the olympics, but if I knew something like this was going to happen in them, it would really catch my attention.