I might be a vegetarian, but this song is absolute fire.

Doja Cat was someone I'd never heard of until I was watching Genius on youtube. Most artists on Genius are very emotional and serious about their work which is great but as Doja Cat says, "I think people need humor especially in this time."

While at first, the song seems kind of silly and ridiculous - it actually is, well genius. She talks about "got milk," "A1 sauce," "Old MacDonald's farm," "milkshake brings all the boys to the yard" (even though she changes yard to farm), and even references vines. She claims she did not put much thought into the song since she did write the song and made the music video all in one day.

The origin of the song came from the spotted cow shirt that she was having difficulties with, which is hilarious.

While her song is more geared to eating cows in the form of burgers, steaks, and milkshakes, and her song even ends with "fucking vegans," I still think the song is good.

I can't lie, cows are delicious. When I did eat meat - which was about a year ago - I loved cheeseburgers, Philly cheese steaks, and ground beef tacos. So I cannot blame people who still eat meat, it is addictive and hard to let go of. I know the feeling.

But I am glad she was someone who came out with a song that got a lot of attention and wasn't about something serious. She did throw in a few political aspects: ending with "fucking vegans" but also throwing in the fact that cows getting slaughtered and releasing methane is really bad - she calls herself out for being a hypocrite.

I am not here to transform this comedic song into a piece that is actually very deep when in reality she just wanted to write a humorous song about cows.

The song actually is kind of deep for me on a personal level as it reminds me of when I went to Captiva Island in Florida for spring break and ate every meal at this place called "the Island Cow". Her song and the best restaurant on the planet have the same aesthetic that I strive to have every day.

So the point is, listen to this song, feel better about life, and take it easy.