I have been writing for Odyssey since November, and it has become a big part of my weekly life. Each week I write an article, and I wait for you all to (hopefully) enjoy it. I thought I would write an article about why I decided to write for Odyssey.

I have enjoyed writing since I was younger. When I was little, I would write stories and share them with my class. They were the cheesiest stories on the face of the planet, but I thoroughly enjoyed it, and my class at least pretended to. Once I got older and we started writing essays for class, I was always able to adapt my words to convey the message I wanted to get across. And I wanted to have that feeling on a greater scale, so the idea of writing for Odyssey caught my eye.

I had followed Odyssey's Facebook page for a while, and the thought of having my ideas published by such a major company made me excited and hopeful that others might share my ideas and could possibly care about what I have to say. I remember the first time one of my articles was shared by the Odyssey headquarters Facebook page. I saw all of the comments of people who were saying how much they related to what I wrote and how it spoke to exactly what they were going through. That was such a wonderful feeling, and it made me incredibly happy that my words were able to have that much of an impact on people.

I think ultimately that is why I decided to write for Odyssey - to create works that people can relate to and understand. Works that provide humor and happiness. Works that prove you're not the only one who is going through what you are. Works that enable you to think outside the box from how you are used to thinking.

My hope is that whoever takes the time to read my articles finds something of that nature in them. I hope that they have provided the comic relief, happiness, or relation that someone needed to get through whatever was going on in their life. And I hope that whoever might be reading this, if you have something that you have wanted to do for a while, then do it. It can be so worth it, and you never know who you might speak to.