April has arrived. How slow, but yet, how fast it has come.

For the spring semester, April is the dreaded month. April is the month that almost intimidates us or scares us out of actually finishing our educations and graduating.

April can mean a lot of things; Easter, the end of Lent, rain, springtime activities. If you are a college student, April means "end-of-semester chaos."


Remember that time when your professor said this giant research paper is due in April? Well, guess what month it is? Thought it was just January last week? Every college student's brain is THIS GIF right about now.

2. Money, where art thou?

April is a weird month for bank accounts. We are all struggling right now, whether we have a job or not. We have bills and responsibilities. April is weird because we are broke, but we are so close to May, which means BACK TO WORK!

3. Finals prep who?

We have lost all our motivation when this is the time we need it the most! Yes, believe it or not, finals are coming, and they are coming fast. Prepping is hard to do when we have hella things on our to-do lists anyway. Hang in there, friends. We are almost done!

4. SENIORS: Graduation, graduation, graduation!

This is my current situation right now. Besides the rest of the work I have to do, I have graduation on my mind. I'm crawling at this rate. Plus, the fees are endless; cap and gown, commencement, diploma, and more.

5. Last call for your FAFSA!

The FAFSA for 2019-2020 is due this month. Get to it if you have not done so already! Don't miss out on federal aid because college is stupid expensive.

6. Moving out? Same.

Even though you move out during finals week, it's important to make plans of moving your stuff out of your dorm for the summer super early. Make those plans sooner rather than later so you don't have to pack last minute. Bye!

7. Summer, WYA?

Summertime on my mind. It is super hard trying to think of the warmer days when you are stuck in your final moments of the semester. We are very close, I know.

8. Aside from the workload... lots of stuff to do on-campus.

April is the most popular month for on-campus events. Many clubs and organizations schedule their tables in April. I see it as a celebratory month, bringing in the student body before school lets out. Overwhelming at times.

9. STRESS 101.

Yup. Need I say more? You get the gist.

10. Fun. Memories. The like.

April is tough and hell-like, but it is also a very fun month. If you are coming back in the fall, you're closing in on your year with some memories. If you are a senior graduating in May, you're closing in on your college career, giving it a final bang.

Hang on, my friends. We are almost to that light at the end of the tunnel.