Monsters don’t scare me.

I laugh.

I don’t scream.

Because monsters are outside,

And it’s within where my fears lie.

My shaking skin struggles to contain

The demons ravaging inside my brain.

They make me prefer physical pain;

The hurt others feel, I only feign

Because I am so damn detached

From this world where weapons can only attack

Pry apart, rip, tear, maim, or crack

But can never even scratch these shack-

Les that hold me to the ground.

Ties twist my tongue, tightly bound.

Even I am left completely astound

How those I hold dear can’t hear me drown

In my mind, thoughts poisoned to the core.

Skeleton, trapped in my skin, it’s only a drawer

That opens up spilling my fucked up memories upon the floor,

And when I ask for help, all people want is more

Because they want to see you bleed,

For your blood feeds their greed.

You want to get better, but their actions impede,

Lay seeds on your conscious that’ll only grow weeds,

And your morality dies; it’s taken the fall.

You question yourself, second guess, get mauled

By the creatures that aren’t outside your walls;

They whisper in your ears in a type of drawl

Telling you you’re worthless, nothing, alone.

You start to feel the scratches upon your bones,

Hear their voices and all they groan

Telling you the truths you’ve already known,

That the world will not be the death of you

For there are far worse worlds within that grew

More mischievous and malicious as they chewed,

Feasting on each insecurity, starting a coup

D’état and seizing control,

Tearing down each and every goal

Like a mole that sucks out your soul

From within and becoming whole,

You start to define yourself by these thoughts,

By the hurt and the pain and all that they brought,

Blending your personality like a blood clot

Until the picture you paint of yourself is a knot,

A scribble that refuses to straighten,

Halts all efforts for you to greaten.

Without any effort, you feel beaten.

Forget your God, hail Satan

Because the monsters outside aren’t scary.

It’s laughable, the evil that they try to be.

I’ll laugh them away, show them I’m crazy;

Release the Beast, expose the devil in me.