We all know Mondays are horrible. You had an amazing weekend, but you saved all of your homework for Sunday night and now you are exhausted for your 8:30 class. Sound familiar? To put these horrible feelings into words (or in this case, gifs) here are some wise words from everyone's favorite family.... The Kardashians.

1. When you first wake up.

Waking up for an 8:30 is never fun... especially on a Monday. Without anytime to put together a cute outfit or apply makeup, just throw on some yoga pants, a baseball hat, and accept the fact that you aren't looking your best.

2. When you realize you have to go to class.

Going to class just reminds you of all the work you have to do this week.

3. When you remember the homework that was due today (that you didn't do).

We've all been there.

4. When you see all the people hungover in your 8:30.

After going out all weekend, we all sympathize with those who still haven't fully recovered.

5. When your professor hands out a pop quiz.

This is the last thing you want to deal with on a Monday morning.

5. When you realize it's still only Monday.

With the whole week ahead of you, you aren't too sure if you're going to make it to Friday.