7 WTF Moments All St. John's University Students Experience As A Thunderbird

Let me start by saying that I really do love my school. I have fantastic friends and professors. But, anyone who goes to St. John's will agree that we do some questionable things. It is always funny to see freshman pointing out quirks that we have grown to love.

1. St. John's Hall shall forever have broken banisters.

The swarms of students that come up and down that narrow staircase are terrifying enough. But, if you look closely, the banisters are broken. Even if you try to hold on up or down those stairs. Those banisters are practically useless.

2. St. John's Hall is either hot as hell or you are freezing. There is no in between.

Students all know that St. John's Hall is always hot or cold depending on the weather. Since there is no actual air conditioning, when it is hot you are going to be sweating in class. If you are brave, you can try to open a window. But, there is a possibility that you can fall out said window.

3. You can't go into St. Augustine Hall without your storm card.

I love the library. It is a pretty building, and the cafe has some of the best tea and food. But, if you do not have your storm card or run from a class to print, you are screwed. If you are lucky you can convince the security to let you in. But, most likely they will tell you to leave.

4. The Spirit Rock

I know the intention was good, but seriously? It will forever be a running joke, that we paid for a rock. Not like we have rocks behind the buildings. Nope, we paid for a rock to be delivered, painted, and presented in the middle of campus. So some drunk freshman will try to pee on the rock when they're drunk.

5. Having a class on the third or fourth floor in Marillac

I would like to think I am in shape. But, then I walk up all the flights of steps and find myself out of breath. Seriously though, having a third floor class in Marillac and then having a class anywhere else on campus is annoying. We have ten minutes to get from one class to the next, and most professors won't accept "I had to walk down the stairs" as an excuse for being late.

6. Attempting to get something from Starbucks or Dunkin' Donuts before your class

We are college students who need caffeine. That means we are all cranky and subject ourselves to waiting 20 minutes for a drink. The worse case scenario is when you just make it to class, possibly a minute late with a said drink in your hand. The professor will most likely give you either a displeased look or nod with understanding.

7. Your life will flash before your eyes with the broken chairs in DAC.

I have lost count of the times I have fallen in DAC. You sit in your chair and realize it is broken when you start falling. I mean, we pay a lot of tuition for our chairs to be constantly broken.

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