If you are a student at Oklahoma State, or a college student in general, you understand that there are a multitude of awkward, cringeworthy and/or annoying moments that happen throughout your time spent on campus. You can only protect yourself from these moments for so long. Listed below are 9 of some of my most honest moments that have happened on campus, as told by the Princess Diaries; I find Anne Hathaway to be relatable in every situation.

1. When you sleep through your alarm, and have 15 minutes to shower, get dressed, and drive to campus just in time to find a parking spot 5 miles away and then proceed to run to class.

As college students, we are never really prepared.

2. When you are giving a group presentation and one of your fellow group-mates speaks to the class as if they are the President of the United States.

You don't always get to choose who you work with, but are group projects really necessary?

3. When you arrive 15 minutes late to a packed full class but your friends have saved you a seat. You can feel the judgment in the air.

Friends don't let friends sit in the back of the class just because they are late.

4. When your fellow colleagues are feeling extra chatty on the day that the professor decides to give out the answers to the upcoming test.

Sorry, but is it really necessary to discuss how many margaritas you had last night at Fuzzy's?

5. When your class is full of over 300 people and everyone is filling in the room while you are already seated. Hold on to your laptops, drinks and books folks, cowboys give no mercy when trying to find a seat.

If you have ever walked through 20 seated people to get to the open seat in the middle, you understand what I am saying.

6. Intramural's man, intramural's.

We don't all play nice.

7. How you look going to class versus how you look when you are going out on the weekends.

Lets be honest, we all look like unemployed middle aged humans who still live with their parents Monday through Friday.

8. When you have to walk across campus in a unexpected monsoon.

Don't even bother checking your weather app, mother nature likes to play cruel jokes on Oklahoma State students.

9. And finally, if you are a true Princess Diaries fan, you are forever wishing for someone to show up at your doorstep with a pizza in hand covered M&Ms.

We can all dream, right?