The Moment You'll Always Remember: Graduation

The new year brings a graduation for many. Some are moving from their middle school years to their high school, many are headed to the real world and onto college, and for others like myself, they are preparing to graduate from college.

I'm on to bigger and better things, my friends.

A fresh start.

Its scary to graduate from high school. You have some expectations and some fears, and for quite a few you're on your own. Graduating college is a lot like that. I'm moving on to work on my Bachelor's Degree, which means I kind of am completely on my own.

New school means new people. I spent the last three years getting accustomed to my current college campus, making new friends, and getting involved in clubs. As soon as I feel like I own the school, I'm graduating. Did I blink and miss three years of my life? It feels like it.

The truth is that all graduations are the same. The only difference is the level of education you are moving on to. You're excited and scared to move on. From the moment you "graduated" from kindergarten until now, wherever you are on the education spectrum, you have been preparing for the moment you pass through those doors for the last time. One big breath, a couple steps, and you're there!

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