I was scrolling through Facebook, minding my own business when I saw someone, who is a mother in her early 20s, shared a post that said, "And when you're 35 with a newborn, changing diapers and making bottles at 2 AM, I will be sleeping soundly in my bed while my grown ass kids make their own food and wipe their own asses."

I am a young and single 22-year-old female who has no interest in kids right now and that's okay. You don't get to shame me or make me feel inadequate just because I chose to do something other than raise children in my early 20s.

Just because I chose to spend my 20s a different way than you doesn't mean that it's going to be any less worth it when I finally decide to settle down and have children. I chose to spend my 20s in college and being selfish because this is exactly the time for me to do those things.

I think it is great that you, in your 20s, have found such fulfillment in raising kids. That isn't where everyone's heart is and who are you to make a post shaming others for doing the same thing I chose to do.

I also want you to think about couples with fertility issues. I want you to think about couples who have tried and tried to have children, and they are finally able to, but they are finally pregnant.

What makes you think that your post is not going to cast doubts or make them feel insecure or that they are not doing the right thing for them.

What about teenagers who don't want kids right out of high school? What if they want to wait until they are older but this post has yet again caused confusion and doubt and they jump into things that they might not be ready for.

Just because someone did not do it the way you did it, doesn't mean you have any right to shame their choices. As long as they are a good parent who loves their children, don't worry about it. Stay in your lane, raising your kids. Stop worrying about the rest of us and if we are going to be 35 years old with a newborn or not.