There's always that one friend who just seems destined to be a soccer mom, minivan and all. This friend is always there to offer a shoulder to cry on and a listening ear whenever you feel the need to rant. Although annoying at times, you always understand that he or she is only doing so with the best and most comforting interests in mind. There's no shame in being a mom. In fact, embrace it and enjoy the overbearing influence you have on others!

1. You're always the one looking up directions.

Whether you're at Disney Land or on the road on an empty rural road, you always have an old fashion map at hand just in case technology fails to make its mark just at the right time....

2. ... and keeping track of the time

Always early a few minutes but never late, you keep your eyes glued to the clock at all times. As the minutes tick down, the more anxious you get while your friends carry on without a care in the world.

3. ...and picking up your friends for a night out

Unfortunately, it seems like you're the only one with a car, so you're designated anyway... Luckily, you call yourself a reliable driver in the nice and clean Honda Accord.

4. You're always carrying Advil and offering an unlimited supply of tissues.

In that little purse of yours, you miraculously have the entire medicine cabinet with room for an unlimited supply of pocket tissues. So, if your friends are sick, injured or simply feeling down, they're in good hands!

5. You're always cleaning up other people's messes

Whether you're at school, home or at someone else's party, you feel the need to throw that crumpled chip bag on the floor into the trash and perhaps sweep off the pool of spilled popcorn on the couch. No shame, cleanliness for the win!

6. You're becoming everyone's personal adviser, therapist and tutor.

You're always there with a shoulder to cry on, and it seems like your friends always come to you with the deepest and most problematic questions they can think of. Venting is something you're now immune to, but unfortunately for you, you're left with the task of deciding the ultimate decision.

7. You're always lending a few dollars to that one forgetful friend.

As you're the only one with a wallet constantly at hand, you seem to be slowly losing your money by lending a few bucks to your friends for an extra scoop of ice cream or a forgotten tip for the waiters. When you've already gained the reputation as the "mom," make sure to keep several extra ones for yourself!

9. You're always being designated as the photographer of the group.

One, two, three, smile! The flash clicks and the beautiful smiling picture of your friends end up on social media.... without you! Then, the comments spam about how great the picture is, and you're left with a simple tag for creds.

10. You're always attending your friends' events and cheering them on.

Graduations, volleyball matches and musicals are your go-to. With all your friends achieving new heights, it seems like you're celebrating their success more than you celebrate your own, but that's ultimately the beauty of friendship.

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11. You're always the one who's not wearing crop tops and converse.

Somehow, whenever you're out on a group hangout, you end up in a fancy new sweater and brand name Calvin Klein shoes while the rest of your friend group looks like a combo of bohemian models with grunge wardrobes.

12. You're always the one left to make decisions.

When your friend group exchanges those looks of uncertainty, you step up and make the decision for everyone because indecisiveness seems to be a constant problem.

13. You're always the one sending disapproving glances in a public area.

Just to make sure your friends don't get kicked out for being too loud, you seem to jump at the slightest of misbehavior.