Mom, Dad, thank you for letting me go – with a military man.

I know that none of us could have guessed my life would go this way. When I was a little girl you probably imagined me going to college and exceling. You probably imagined raising this strong independent young woman that would graduate college and get an amazing job. Then after getting the career of my choice I would settle down. You probably thought it would be a few miles down the road. When I went through heartache after heartache, you probably both changed that though to, she will be strong, independent and living with us the rest of her life.

When I told you about the guy I was talking to and then very quickly became my boyfriend, you were thrilled at first. I am sure when I told you he was military part of you went "oh my." When you finally got to meet him, I know you could see how we felt about each other. You both may have started to wonder how far it would go. I am betting that you, Mom, probably knew the night you met him where this would go.

When he left again, you both watched me sit around in my room and cry. You watched me mope around the house, waiting on the phone to ring. I know you both saw through the happy face I tried to put on. I am sure more than once you thought to yourself, or even aloud to each other, what has she gotten herself into. You watched me live what seemed like half a life, because my other half was hundreds of miles away. During family time, you let me be on my phone constant. You would let me eat dinner in my room on Facetime, or Facetime him into meals. Mom, you always did everything to cheer me up when I was having a rough day. You always hugged me when I cried. Dad, you would try to distract me from the pain of missing someone that was my whole world. You both knew and seemed to understand how hard it all was for me.

When he started talking about marrying me to you, I’m sure that you were both happy and a little sad. You knew that every day would be an adventure for us, but far away from home. Mom, you helped plan a beautiful wedding and helped me get ready. Dad, you talked me down the idle. That weekend, you both knew that it would be the last time we would all be together as a family for a while.

But that weekend you let me marry the man of my dreams, and the military.

I thank you for that.

I thank you for knowing that I will be away more than I am home. It is not easy being so far away without you. Thank you for trusting in the good judgement I learn from both of you, as well as independence and the ability to be strong rolled. You both raised a well thought, strong, independent young woman. I thank you for teaching me to follow my heart. I know you could not have imagined it would lead me here. Thank you for always being understanding of me and my emotion. You still do on bad days when I am without him. Thank you for believing in both of us, as well as trusting that we both know what is best for us. With that, thank you for supporting us in any way possible. By now you probably know the exact postage to send a box to use. Thank you for even keeping traditions intact, even though you aren’t here and I’m not there. Thank you for mastering the art of Facetime so I can hear your voice and see your faces. Thank you for understanding the military comes first. Somedays I think you accept and understand it more than me. Thank you for always answering house questions from how to cook this, how to wash this or how to fix that. Thank you for always showing what love is, in good times and bad. Thank you for knowing that when he gets called to go away, or even just to train for a few days, I will need your support. I really do not think there is a way I could thank either of you enough. This life style is not the easiest. You did not have to let me go, you could’ve told me to run in the opposite direction. You could have told him to get lost and get off your doorstep. But you did not.

I guess most of all, thank you for putting my wants and needs before yours. You both accepted and knew it would be easier for you to miss me that to watch me miss him. When you told me this, I cried a little bit.

So, one more time, thank you Mom and Dad for letting me go, and giving me away to a military man. I know it was not easy, and it was not easy to watch me leave. It wasn’t easy for me when we drove away.

I love and miss you both.

- Your Military Wife Daughter

Let's be real, these two are SO wonderful.