Modesty Isn't Just For Women

This is an open letter to all the young men out there in their 20s and 30s. I’m going to ask you to do something a little bit radical and all I ask is that we be adults here. Please, just hear me out because I feel I have something very important to say. Here we go…

Dear Men,

I know you have been working all Spring to get your bodies beach ready. I know you’re excited to show off those tight abs and biceps. I know you’ve been shopping online for the best deals on the hottest swim shorts. But as a responsible young woman who does not want to be tempted, I am asking you to cover up.

When I see you walking on the beach, half naked, it encourages me to objectify you. I forget that you’re a human being with a personality and a life because all I can see and think about is your body. And I promise I’m not the only one on the beach thinking about your tight abs and biceps. Especially when you play beach volleyball… or when you put on suntan lotion or go swimming or get all tan and sweaty.

Also, can I ask a serious question? Don’t you respect yourself? I’m trying to respect you but your partial nudity becomes a barrier to that because it’s all I can think about. Handsome, intelligent, young men need to learn how to respect and honor their own bodies and when they put them on display, it’s clear that they’re just begging for attention from all the ladies. How am I supposed to respect you if you don’t even respect yourself?

And let’s be honest, guys that dress like that are just asking for it. You know what I’m talking about here. And the worst part is that they know that the best way to protect themselves is to cover up as much as possible but they refuse to do it. They know how women are looking at them when they show skin and when one woman gets a little too handsy, it really isn’t all her fault because he was being a temptation and knew it.

So men, do yourself a favor. Do me a favor. Do all women a favor. Put on a swim shirt. Don’t let your swim shorts ride too low or too high. Don’t play beach volleyball or go swimming. Just sit on your beach towel and read a book. Or don’t go to the beach at all. That’s probably the safest.

Because every time you go shirtless, every time you get wet or sweaty, every time you show off those sexy muscles, you are being ogled by countless women. You are being a temptation because we all know that women can’t control themselves. You are creating a barrier that keeps women from getting to know you as a person because they’re so distracted by your body. You are showing that you don’t care about your body enough to cover it up. So help a sister out and put on a shirt.


A Lady

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