Mississippi State Need To Know

People always told me that college would be the best four years of my life. That it would start and end in the blink of an eye. I didn't believe it.

I wished away the summer before freshmen year because I wanted to start a life away from my parents. Little did I know that in a few short months every part of my life would be different. Phone calls instead of knocks on their door. Snapchats to high school friends that would hardly last through two months of college. Walking in to a class where the teacher didn't go to the church you grew up at. Everything was weird and everything was overwhelming.

But, you, Mississippi State were everything I needed.

You brought tears that made me want to transfer. You brought "friends" who hurt me. You brought organizations that turned me away. You brought low test grades. You brought professors I couldn't understand. Challenge after challenge, tear after tear, heartache after heartache, you were awful to me.

But, I needed all of it to put me where I am now. I needed all of those things to get the good that you brought me. From the tears you brought me friends who are still around. From the rejection you brought some of the best organizations I didn't know I would love the way that I do. From hard professors you brought many letters of recommendations and amazing mentors. All of the challenges, you gave me something great in their place.

You, Mississippi State, have made college more than 8 am classes, more than quizzes, more than 12 page papers. You made college - friendships, memories, and experiences. You are by far, the best part of my life because you brought all of my favorite things and shaped me in to a person I am so proud to be.

So, as someone who is currently suffering from some major sad senior hours, here is what I have to say to my university and all of the people who are a part of it. You are better for this. You are stronger for this. You are you because of this. Mississippi State is a place like no other, trust me I thought about leaving it many, many times but never really could. This university is one that is accepting but challenges you to be different. It forces you to be better because you cannot survive if you stay the freshman you were on move in day.

This university is not a place that will bring you heartache without building you up. It isn't somewhere that is going to leave you alone. It wants you to love it the way that it loves you.

Most of all, it isn't your home away from home because it is your home.

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