I Miss You Ocean

I Miss You Ocean

A simple escape after a long day.


It's days like this, where I miss being able to escape to your calming beauty. It's so simple how sand and water is so meaningful to many, like me. I go to you when I need to get away, collect my thoughts, or think about where to turn to next.

But, it's days like these where I am unable to travel there and watch the waves curl under and crash to the shore because I am so far away. Pictures and memories are great, but reality does so much more for the soul.

The ocean has a calming effect to all of those that it invites. Though you can play, swim, party and relax- you can also find yourself and clear your conscious. It's funny how tiny grains of sand between the toes and water rushing to wash it away can do all of these things.

All of the daily problems that we have in our lives can be erased by what the ocean has to offer. Happiness is anywhere with an ocean view; you just have to keep that in mind next time you are feeling down or need a pick me up.

Yes, I miss you ocean. It's not the same without you here. I can't throw away all my worries into the water and walk away with a clean slate. I miss the zen when I need to feel relaxed after a long day. But, I know that you will always be there, and I will return soon.

Until then my friend.

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