Summer has always been my favorite season. I recently moved to Orlando, and I was thrilled that the temperature would be warm year round. However, I wasn't greeted by the comfortable heat that I had grown accustomed to from my summers in New Jersey. Instead, I was greeted by stifling humidity and the type of heat that has me sweating the second I step out the door. It's uncomfortable, and it's gross.

Although I have always enjoyed fall, I never understood the obsession that so many of my friends share. I don't drink pumpkin spice lattes, and I've never been apple picking. My favorite parts of fall are Halloween, fall fashion, the new TV lineup, and although I'm not a fan of the PSL, I do love a well-salted caramel mocha. All in all, I enjoyed the season, but I've never felt a longing for it like I do now.

Even with everything about the fall that I enjoy, I never thought that I would miss it. I thought that as long as I had the heat and the sunshine that comes with living in Florida, I would be happy. I was wrong.

I miss pumpkins. I miss flannel. I miss wearing boots, and sweaters, and my leather jacket. I miss getting comfortable on the couch and watching a scary movie. And while I can still experience most of those things while living in Florida, it just isn't the same.

To be honest, the thing I miss the most is something that I never thought twice about before; seeing the seasons change. An eternal summer sounds wonderful until you realize that you'll not only miss the perks that come along with the changing seasons, but you'll also miss seeing them change in front of your eyes. I don't see the leaves change color this year. I won't see any snow. While Florida does get colder as winter approaches, it just isn't the same.

I am slightly embarrassed that I miss fall so much, but I know that it is completely justified because fall is great, and I never should have taken it for granted.