As my last few weeks as a high school senior is coming to an end, I am finally just starting to realize how different things are going to be next year. Because of this, I decided to make a list of 12 things I will miss as I leave for college.

1. My mother handing me my coffee and a homemade lunch every single morning as I rush out the door to catch my bus

Let me tell you, I am not at all a morning person. I wake up 20 minutes before I leave for school. In those 20 minutes, I have to take a shower, brush, get dressed, do my hair, and eat breakfast. But mornings become a lot easier when you have an awesome mom that has your coffee, breakfast, and lunch ready at the kitchen table to be picked up for on-the-go. Mornings suck, but my mom makes it a lot nicer. I don’t know how I will manage my mornings without her support next year.

2. Coming home to my mom every afternoon and telling her all about my day

High school life is a rollercoaster. There are great days and there are horrible days. Every day when I come home from school my mom makes me a snack while I rant to her about how my day was. It was always nice coming home to the one person I know will always listen to me.

3. Waiting for my dad to come home from work

My dad normally comes home late but it is always great when he comes home. Whenever he rings the doorbell my sister runs down the stairs and gives him a big, tight bear hug. It is the cutest thing ever and I will miss seeing that every night next year.

4. Delicious home cooked meals

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE eating out. But I have never been a big fan of cafeterias or dining halls. I don’t know how long I can go eating outside. Home cooked meals have its own unique comfort to it which I love even more than I love eating outside food.

5. My senior neighbor

I have the friendliest neighbors ever. Although they are about 70 years old and have only known us for 4 years, they have always been the most polite, optimistic, and supportive people. Not only do I have fascinating conversations with them but they are also always believing in me and always encouraging me to follow my dreams.

6. Driving to and from school every day

At our school seniors can drive to and from school if they have a driving partner. My driving partner is one of my close friends and we drive together almost every day while blasting Bollywood music. It is so fun and so much more relaxing than riding a bus. At Rutgers, I won’t have the freedom to drive around to my classes with my friends as I do now- it will be very different. I am so grateful for my outgoing, chill, and supportive friend and driving partner because she has been there for me every single day of school this year- through all the ups and the downs.

7. School hallways

As silly as this may be, there is a sense of familiarity and comfort in my school halls. Next year will be totally different because my classes will be in different buildings and on different campuses.

8. Being a second-semester senior

Getting our own parking spots is just one of the many privileges my school offers the seniors. Whether it is the senior tailgate, senior breakfast, senior dinner, ice cream social, college decision day, or the honors incentive program for seniors- senior year has been the best year of high school. It is relaxing and I finally have time to binge watch all my favorite shows on Netflix or to go to the mall during a weekday if I wanted to. Part of it which has made this year the best is realizing that all the work we put in in high school paid off and was worth something. I will definitely miss this carefree time next year when I am piled with midterms and finals.

9. My guidance counselor

I honestly could not have gotten through high school without her. My guidance counselor always had the best advice for me. Anytime I would have a question I would pop into her office and she would spare time for me. She has helped me so much I will truly miss her a lot next year. She is a great counselor and I am so thankful to her.

10. My friends

Without friends, school is much harder to get through. I am so lucky to have amazing friends that don’t judge me and stick by my side no matter what. I honestly could not have gotten through high school without their support. I don’t know how often I will meet and talk to my friends again after high school, but regardless of what the future has in store, I am glad to have gotten to know such wonderful people. It will be very weird coming back after vacation this year to have all my friends in various parts of the country.

11. My sister

No matter how much she irritates the crap out of me sometimes and no matter how much we fight- I still love her. I will miss her big bear hugs, her innocence, and her endless support and positivity next year. Even though I would never admit it to her face, I will even miss our fights. Despite how many times we say we hate each other during the day, at the end of the day she is still my best friend and I love her the most. She really is the best sister anyone can ask for.

12. My parents

As I mentioned earlier, high school life is a roller coaster. But my parents are like the frame that holds the roller coaster standing at its lowest and highest points. I don’t even have to say a word and my parents know exactly how I am feeling and how to best cheer me up when I am low. They know me better than I even know myself at times. My parents are the first people I go to for advice and it is their advice and their endless, unconditional love and support that has allowed me to get through my life thus far. They remind me of the bigger picture and always motivate me and push me to do my best. Next year is going to be quite different but I feel comfortable leaving for college because I know they will always be there for me.

To all the current highschoolers: I know most of you are probably wishing that time passes by faster so you could be a senior faster. I know because I did that too at times. But trust me, cherish high school. Believe it or not, there are things you will miss about it.