Have you ever felt the air be so tight that it holds your breath and breathes for you? It stuns you right in the chest and makes it impossible to breathe. The air in your lungs escapes you and all you can do is gasp for air. All you can do is stare. Into the blank canvas of the world. The world takes all of the air in your body and breathes for you. Have you ever focused just on your breathing? Just in and out. Back and forth, without another thought encompassing your brain.

Have you ever felt the world stand still? You're the only moving creature alive. Nothing else exists except for this moment. You're filled with a peace that is so thick a knife could cut through it. You're filled with a strength that this world is beneath you and is your puppet. When your mind stands still and only your eyes can blink. The only noise surrounding you is the beat your heart makes and the air that is released by your lungs.

Have you ever surrendered yourself to something greater than yourself? When the weight is lifted off your shoulders and you can stand tall again. You no longer walk in the shadows, instead in the brightest sunlight. When you can finally see the town below you clearly. When the world is no longer blurry when you take off your glasses. You give away all control and make yourself free. You no longer worry about the small things in life that don't matter.

Have you ever felt alive? Not just alive that you know you're breathing. Alive like you can taste your words as they come out of your mouth. You can touch the feelings you are placing into someone's heart. You can feel the love from one heart to your own. Alive like you can understand the birds and the trees for who they really are. Seeing this life and this world as the most beautiful thing you've ever seen.

Have you ever felt like you're floating in the dark? Amidst the stars and dreams of souls and hearts. Reaching out to cling to someone, not just yourself for stability. Having your heart strings pulled into an orbit that only you belong to? Swimming in shark infested waters naked and knowing you'll survive. Hiking without a map and getting to exactly the right place without a map. Not having to worry about where you're going.

If you can relate to any of these things described above, then you have experienced the world of God. You have seen the world of God. You have seen miracles from God. He breathes for you when you don't think you can take another breath. He holds your breath to make you focus on something higher than yourself. He places people in your heart and allows you to let them in. He gives you the strength to show people the hidden side of you. He points you in the direction you didn't know you need to go.

He is all of the wonderful things you see around you and all the things you don't see. All the unheard wishes and unseen actions. He is everything. He is the mist that covers everything that you don't need to be exposed to. He is the light that shines in the complete darkness. He is all the words that you let escape your mouth. It can be impossible to believe, but He is in all of us. He is in control of our every action and feeling. He is everything. He is the world.