Minecraft RTX Comes to all Windows 10 users
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Minecraft RTX Comes to all Windows 10 users

You must know and set up several things according to using RTX

Minecraft RTX Comes to all Windows 10 users

Today we are going to blow your mind. We decided to take a look at one of the most anticipated tools for months by Minecraft players. Several Minecraft fanatics spent multiple days studying this Minecraft RTX and doing multiple live streams to let people see what it's all about.

You must know and set up several things according to using RTX. But, everything is going great and now, let's take you on a journey through this almost real Minecraft world with excellent Minecraft Shaders.

Let's take an in-depth look at RTX. Just by looking at a couple of before and after images of the game, it will be more apparent to you the in-depth changes in this game. Ray-tracing is waiting for us, and today we will talk more about this creation that already has some time on the market.

Main features

You will enjoy how a game can change in just a few minutes. You will feel the presence of new shadows and graphics that give you better gameplay.

We are going to buy it with the RTX generalized function. Its function is to offer you 1000 times improved lighting, Minecraft shaders with reflections that prove the performance you can have with superior image quality.

Not only that. With ray tracing, absolutely everything in the game is enhanced impressively. It offers precise details of images, reflections, movements, and a high definition resolution that will blow your mind more than improving the Minecraft experience.

To say that Minecraft RTX only offers you improvements in lighting would be a complete injustice. All visual perception is notably improved with the new ray-tracing technology.

Minecraft Enhancements

Available for Windows 10. You can download and see how ray tracing works to give you the maximum representation of your graphics. Materials will look different. Every shadow or shape, also any movement, will look as natural as you can see in any YouTube video if you want to watch it before downloading.

Nvidia's DLSS 2.0 system created for Minecraft gives you an incredibly realistic experience based on superb effects. In addition, Minecraft shaders effects can be looked at in more depth.

The blocks are illuminated in every single pixel. As a result, we can look at how perfect the maps we are going to enjoy can be seen. Walls, water, ice, and so on will be the sample of how excellent it can be to play with RTX.

Minimum requirements

It is obvious. The old-style Minecraft can run on several computers with fewer requirements. But now it's different. You will need at least 8 GB of RAM to run it. In addition, you will need 2 GB to store it (nothing complex). Your GPU power must be at least Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 or higher. Your Windows 10 x64 bit.

Also, you will need Minecraft for this window to use NVIDIA DLSS 2.0 enhancements.

  • Beta version

Microsoft and Mojang manage the Minecraft with RTX Beta release through the Xbox Insider program, as they do with other Minecraft Betas, to collect and categorize feedback and share updates automatically.

This beta version ran until the official version was released.

  • Official version

The official version of Minecraft RTX, as expected, is a blast. Truly the Ray-Tracing technology employed makes the Minecraft experience something so unique that it can only be understood when you try it. In addition, the visual and texture enhancements in the official version of Minecraft RTX make any Minecraft shader look better.

Honestly, it's almost impossible to do justice in words to Minecraft RTX's improvements now features. Realism and detail are two facts that are not at all absent in this version. When comparing Minecraft Normal with Minecraft RTX, it truly gives the impression that these are two completely different games.

  • Visual improvements

How the sun's illumination is projected, Look at the sky, Impressively detailed shadows, The precise reflections in the water, The way stained glass windows, ice, or any other reflective surface looks. These, among many other details, are some of the aspects that stand out the most in this version of the famous game.

As if that were not enough, the construction of any structure has been perfected to give the blocks an imposing realism property. They modify the level of light emitted, their depth, and more—all depending on their position. And thanks to ray tracing.

Two new special worlds

To celebrate this success, Mojang Studios collaborated with leading content creators from the Minecraft community to design two new extraordinary worlds to encapsulate their new technology fully.

The first of these worlds is Colosseum RTX. It is available to confirm the wonder of ray tracing technology and impressive graphical improvements; you will be able to fight against waves of mobs.

The second map is Dungeon Dash RTX, a map that will take you to a medieval field in which you will be forced to demonstrate your skills and overcome ten dungeons full of dangers and great rewards. With these two worlds, you can try out the most beautiful experience with RTX.

Where to download Minecraft RTX?

If you want to play Minecraft RTX and have what is required to use it, you have to update the game if you already have it. First, download the updated drivers from Nvidia via GeForce Experience.

Real-time ray tracing for Windows 10 takes Minecraft graphics too far! Instead, Minecraft's Render Dragon graphics engine is made possible; ray tracing offers realistic lighting features, such as global illumination and per-pixel lighting.

It offers advanced texture support for your world. Ray tracing is available for DirectX-compatible devices, such as the GeForce RTX GPU and some AMD GPUs. Experience it in some worlds in the Marketplace, available for free download!

If you don't have the game, you can download Minecraft RTX from Nvidia's official website. You can download shaders from sites like MinecraftShader.com, they have lots of Shader options for download.


To conclude, if you truly consider yourself a Minecraft fan, you can't miss the visual and even sensory experience offered by the new ray-traced version, Minecraft RTX. An unparalleled experience that will not only blow your mind it will completely renew your love for this incredible game.

Explore like never before and enjoy a resolution and attention to detail more than high, high quality. Undoubtedly, the ray tracing technology is something that, like the other games that have been presented with this innovation, Minecraft RTX came like a glove. So try out, and do not wait for more. Enjoy Minecraft's graphics like never before.

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