17 Thoughts Millennials Have When We Don't Have WiFi

Upon writing this, I found myself at a friend's place trying to access internet in some form. I just moved to a job where I live in employee housing that doesn't provide internet or WiFi. This becomes especially difficult when I need to write articles weekly, especially when typing a 500-word article is nearly impossible on a smartphone.

When I started this job two years ago, I realized just how reliant many of us millennials are on WiFi and staying connected to the World Wide Web. So, here are some of the thoughts that come with having no access to the internet.

1. I don't have unlimited data, and I can't afford to pay overage charges.

Why didn't I think about this before?

2. Okay, I will have to limit how many dog videos I watch for this month.

If I can pick only one...

3. Okay, I'll just shut off the data when I'm not immediately using it.

Wow, you're such a genius.

4. Who knew the group chat would send 84 messages in one night?!

Why do we have to be good people that like to communicate with each other?!

5. Okay, we have 0.9 GB of data left...Facebook shouldn't use too much, right?


6. You know you wanna check if that tweet got any more likes.

Come on...it won't use that much.

7. You shouldn't have done that...now that's only 0.4 GB left!

Look at you! Look at what you did to yourself!

8. Okay, I am going off the grid officially now.

Wow...I feel like Little House on the Prairie.

9. Maybe I'll read a book.

This should work, right?

10. *Waits for next billing cycle to begin for more data*

Reading isn't as easy as I remember.

11. I wonder what people are tweeting about.

Probably funny things...memes...stuff that I need to retweet!

12. Is this how boring my mom's life was when the internet wasn't a thing yet?

That poor thing!

13. Just one more day and I'll have access to the internet again!

And it'll be glorious!

14. I just want to binge Netflix already!

Is it time yet?

15. YES! The data is back!

Baby, I'm back! Start spreading the news!

16. Well, I survived.

What a time to be alive!

17. I'm totally going off the grid again some time.

NO! Why would you ever voluntarily put yourself through that madness again?

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