For my Business Communications class this week, we took a personality test to see where we fit the best personality wise. It was really interesting to see where I fell after I took the assessment. It is something that all people should take at some point, but especially millennials like me. This is how I felt after answering the questions from the assessment.

For me, being involved in Odyssey, Campus Catholics, and my sorority Sigma Alpha Omega, I have learned that it's okay for me to be talkative and want to get to know others by doing so. So when I took the test, it was a no-brainer for me when I found out a way more of an extrovert. My personality is not shy whatsoever, I truly like to engage with other people even if I don't know them that well.

I thought that the spider web approach mentioned was all me, I do tend to have multiple thoughts going on daily, so it is quite hard to complete them at times because I do get excited. I am a mass communications major, so the part of being hooked to new ideas is also a part of me. I like knowing the latest trends in fashion, technology, food, and more. I do think that it is interesting that ESFP thinks that I should be a school teacher, my mom is a school teacher.

I certainly have it in my blood to be one, but it just is not something that I want as a profession. I also think it is interesting that being an ESFP means that some would acquire things such as analysis and logic, but states that as an ESFP it is very boring. Sensing is also something that I relate with and so does ESFP.

I hope you were able to learn some things about my personality through this assessment. I am hoping you will take it someday soon and figure out what makes you unique. Thank you for reading!