Some millennials make it their agenda to live up to the stereotype. The infamous term, "millennial," can be explained as, "... Generation Y or Gen Y, the generational demographic cohort following Generation X and preceding Generation Z."

However, millennials are characterized as apathetic, technology addicts that get offended by nearly everything under the sun.

Quite frankly, the above characteristics fit perfectly with my depiction of my generation. People have become technologically crazed, in the sense that there are new disorders associated with people and their relationships with their phones, tablets, and other sources of media. Not to mention, people have realized that they do not have to complete basic tasks without help anymore.

Hungry? Call UberEats. Too lazy to walk to your destination? Call an Uber or a Lyft. Don't feel like walking to campus to turn in a paper? Submit it to a dropbox. It has all become TOO easy.

With the adjusting world around us, advancements being made have provoked a disgusting sense of laziness and overall disengagement in society. People are abusing the means that the modern world and growth of knowledge has provided them.

I have noticed more so than ever before that there are people who truly live up to the negative connotation of the term millennial. Hell, all you have to do nowadays is take a stroll around a college campus to see what a terrible turn this world has made.

Young adults and teenagers have started to use the idea of mental illnesses as a crutch to get out of completing regular tasks that have been designed to foster intellectual growth. That is why we go to college and pay thousands of dollars throughout four years, right? Not anymore.

People have become mentally weak, and they rely on "emotional support animals" or the latest medication to keep them going rather than dealing with their problems in a natural sense.

You feel uncomfortable because someone brought up the sexual assault in class? Well, on college campuses, you now have the right to be dismissed from lectures; because God forbid you to grow up and recognize that it's just a lecture.

Individuals are not allowed to say anything anymore without it being picked apart by overly sensitive millennials trying to be politically correct. There is nothing that isn't homophobic, racist, and sexist anymore.

I mean, seriously, does it not get exhausting? They're taking a Christmas music classic, "Santa Baby," off the radio because it allegedly promotes date rape!

But, Merry Christmas! Wait, am I allowed to say that? Happy Holidays!

The underlying point to be made is that, as a millennial, we don't have to live up to the shallow definition that has been selected for us. However, the more we do to prove other generations that this definition is appropriate, the more pathetic we are.

Time to grow some thicker skin, and grow up. The real world and academia are two very different places. Let's see how left-winged everyone is when they start paying their taxes.