23 Things That Millennials Want To Make A Comeback In 2018

23 Things That Millennials Want To Make A Comeback In 2018

It's all we want for Christmas.

As we grow into the next calendar year, there are a few things that we Millennials would love to make a comeback. Because hey, if "Full House" can do it (and succeed) why shouldn't these?

1. Vine

I miss you every day. RIP.

2. McDonald's dollar menu

Two McChickens, a small fry and a coke for less than $5? Yes, please.

3. Snapchat best friends

Need I say more?

4. Christopher Nolan "Batman" films

... still waiting for the Robin sequel as hinted after "The Dark Knight Rises".

5. "The Office"

All I want is to see Michael Scott's reaction to today's trends (Uber, Tinder, emojis).

6. Netflix original prices

Remember $8.99? This $11.99 shit doesn't fly with me, especially because they're taking everything good off and replacing it with Netflix originals. Hulu where ya at?

7. Gas prices under $2

Ah, the good ol' days

8. Youtube without as many ads

Remember when you could watch a ten-minute video without four ads?

9. Club Penguin

C'mon now, a classic.

10. Oovoo

The ultimate way to communicate with your friends before iMessage.

11. Blockbuster

You already know. Picking a movie and a snack was the key to your most LIT weekend of the month.

14. Trix yogurts

The BEST after-school snack, you'd come home just to whip one of these out of the fridge. Oh hell yes.

15. Gripz

When you looked in your lunch bag and saw one of THESE. You were instantly everyone's friend.

16. "Fresh Prince of Bel Air"

Uh, yeah.

18. "Friends"

C'mon NBC, I want this show on until the day I die.

19. Nintendo GameCube

Three words. Super. Smash. Bros.

20. iPhone headphone jacks/ charging ports

WTF Apple. Bring this back, like yesterday.

21. Disney Channel original movie intros

7 PM. You've been waiting for this since you woke up this morning.

22. A Jonas Brothers reunion

ONE TOUR IS ALL I'M ASKING FOR. They don't even have to write new music. Pick ANY song, I'll be there.

23. My Chemical Romance

Again, ONE TOUR... how about at the last Warped Tour? End with a bang!

Some things just need to make a comeback, plain and simple. The world would be a better place with you in it.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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Your Guide To Translating 2017 Slang

In 2017, we were introduced to our fair share of strange, confusing, and some just utterly simple terms.

One of the great things about the internet is that we can visibly watch each day as a new slang term takes over our generation. In 2017, we were introduced to our fair share of strange, confusing, and some just utterly simple terms.

1. Finsta

2017 was a year of the popular app "Instagram" getting even more popular... as if that's possible. Part of this is due to the growing trend of having two accounts on the app. One, sometimes referred to as a "rinsta" or real-instagram, for all of your highly editted and heavily filtered pictures. The other, the "finsta" or fake-instgram, for only your close friends to follow, and for you to post all of your rants, outfit options, and ugly-selfies.

2. Glow-Up

This can be taken the wrong way to some, cause it lowkey (see #7) means that you might've not been too great looking a little while ago... but essentially you say it to someone who got really attractive.

3. Salty

Salty just means to be mad about something, usually passive aggressively.

4. Lit

Lit can have a couple of meanings such as to describe someone who's intoxicated, or a party, but all come down to mean when something is super fun.

5. Suh

Suh = What's up, and is usually said by dudes who don't have the energy or capability of forming the whole phrase.

6. Extra

Okay I'll preface this by saying that being "extra" is a compliment to some, and an insult to other's, so careful here. Being extra means being dramatic or over the top.

7. Low-Key/High-Key

Low-Key= either to describe when something is casual or if you "low-key" love something, you kinda love it.

High-key=along the same lines, but you really love or hate something.

8. Thirsty

Thirsty means desperately seeking something, whether that be attention, a boyfriend, etc.

9. Trash

This form of the word trash is said like this: "You're trash" or "That's complete trash."

You might be able to guess this one, but it means something sucks or is useless.

10. K

If you get this one-over text... apologize. I don't know what you did but you either need to apologize or RUN because a "K" instead of "okay" over text means someone is very angry.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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10 Things A #Girlboss Won't Take From You

Cause you should know that she doesn't play.

A #Girlboss comes in many different shapes, sizes, opinions, backgrounds, and colors. However, they all have one thing in common: they don't play. A girl boss is a woman who definitely works hard, takes initiative, and stands her ground. She's loving, her time is limited, and her hair is not always perfect.

She likes to be fast, creative, spontaneous, and, well, a boss. Most likely, she just won't have the time to deal. So, with that being said, here are 10 things a girl boss just won't take from you:

1. Canceled plans

A #girlboss has a hard time fathoming canceled plans or projects. If she took time to schedule it in, she expects it to go through. She could have scheduled something else, like let's say, a nap...

2. Not doing things in a timely fashion

Asking a #girlboss for a favor to be done on a late notice is very unattractive to her. Don't be surprised if she gets back to you on her own terms when she's ready.

3. Lack of appreciation

confused beyonce GIF

A #girlboss does not expect for her work to go unnoticed. If she took time out of her day to double check something for you, run an errand, or do you a favor, she expects a thank you.

4. Lateness/absence

Nothing bothers a #girlboss more than someone's lateness. If you can't stay on schedule, she'll surely take you off of hers.

5. Unreturned texts or calls

Okay, this one is just unacceptable. At least provide an explanation if you're not available at the moment, but don't ever leave a #girlboss hanging. Her time is of the essence, darling.

6. Lies

beyonce GIF

What good does this do for anybody?

7. Not respecting her schedule

A #girlboss is most likely very busy. If her workload is a lot, she probably decided to make it that way. Try not to make her feel bad about it, it's not polite. Let her chase her dreams in peace.

8. Unpredicted behavior

jonathan kite GIF

A #girlboss hates being taken advantage of, lied to, stood up. It took her energy to trust you, don't do her wrong.

9. Failure to keep up

video girls GIF

When a #girlboss works with you, she definitely expects for you to put in the same amount of work and to keep up with the progress. Anything less than great is not within her realm of desires.

10. Judgment

Finally, every #girlboss has a story. Don't judge her for working hard or being an overachiever. You never know what's motivating her to be the ultimate #girlboss.

Cover Image Credit: flickr.com

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