We Set Our Co-Worker Up On a blind Date Because Old-Fashion Dating Is The Way To Go

We Set Our Co-Worker Up On a blind Date Because Old-Fashion Dating Is The Way To Go

"Wait, are we actually doing this?"


It's the summer slump in the office. There's not a lot to do. It's far too hot outside to do anything. So, as we were sitting in our cubicles, watching the clock tick away, my co-workers had a random idea.

Let's set each other up on blind dates.

The rules of this blind date set-up are simple. The two people going on the date don't know anything about each other besides their first name. No pictures. No bios. No nothing.

Personally, I was more along for observation compared to participation. Two girls were up to bat. Ready to jump into this sea of dating blindly. After about twenty to thirty minutes of stalking multiple mutual friend Instagram accounts, the contenders were ready. It only took a few text messages and the guys were in. But up first, was my co-worker, who will be under the pseudonym Katie.

Katie's date was set for 24 hours after this whole thing was organized. The two going on the date received each other's numbers for the purpose of only figuring out date logistics such as where should they meet, etc. The guy was responsible for planning the whole date so Katie had zero idea what she was walking into.

The date was to going to take place after work. Our other co-worker, under the pseudonym Cathy, was curling Katie's hair right before they clocked out. Katie was shaking, ready to back out of this of whole idea.

"Guys, I can't do this." She said, hunched over on the floor in nervous tension while Cathy wrapped her long locks around the curling iron. We all went through our individual pep talks to her. And soon our pep talks extended to our manager who walked over to see the action. He didn't really acknowledge the hair curling and left the girls alone to finish what they were doing before the end of the day.

Finally, Katie left our cubicle farm to enter the big-girl world of blind dating. A concept our generation rarely experiences anymore since we learn everything we need to know about a person online before meeting. It was an adventure of a date that included nervous conversations, mini golfing, getting their car stuck on a mountain (long story) and Taco Bell!

The next day at work, Katie recapped the whole thing to us. We sat in a circle, discussing every detail of Katie's date as specific as she could. While she has a great story to tell and it gave us something to do at work, what was the real greater meaning behind this whole thing? Maybe there wasn't anything at all, but today I asked Katie "What did you learn from this blind date experience? If anything at all."

"I really liked the old-fashion dating experience. While I guess it wasn't that old-fashion, it was the idea of meeting someone without actually knowing who they are online. I didn't already have an assumed opinion of him before walking in. It was clean, fun, and spontaneous. I would do it again tomorrow."

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PSA: Don't Text And Date, Do It Like Our Grandparents

Waiting for a text from a boy is like waiting for water to boil. Sometimes I think if I take a lap around my kitchen then the text will magically light up my phone.


Texting in our relationship has become so prevalent that it has snuck its way into TV. shows and movies, as well as songs. This makes sense because it is such a large part of our lives. Texting boys can be great in some cases, for example, in long distance relationships.

And don't get me wrong, it certainly can be exciting!

But I've realized is that it has the potential to be incredibly inefficient and waste a whole lot of everyone's time. The time that is wasted is a combination of the time spent texting in a conversation that leads absolutely nowhere, along with the time you spend thinking about when that next text is going to roll in. Not to mention all the time you spend screenshotting these texts and sending them to your friends and asking advice on how to craft a perfect reply and agonizing over the right wording, re-typing over and over again, having everyone from your best friend to your Mom weigh in on the perfect syntax.

For a generation that is obsessed with getting everything as fast as possible, why are we contacting each other so inefficiently? We think we will just send a quick text, but more often than not, it turns into a whole production.

Snapchat can be even worse. Taking time out of your day to take a well-lit selfie and send it to a boy just so he can send you a snap of his actual chin is just ridiculous.

We are talking to people constantly about absolutely nothing. And quite frankly, we all deserve more. Technology is great, but just because it is advanced doesn't mean it's advancing our communication skills. Boys, I think it might be time to pick up the phone again. Imagine if instead of spending countless hours in a Snapchat conversation grasping at straws to make a plan with the girl you like, you actually just picked up the phone. The call would take maybe two minutes to set up a plan instead of whittling away a whole day. It seems like just because we have the option to text or message someone, we forget that we have the alternative of a trusty phone call.

If our grandparents had dated the way that we did, would they have ever worked out? Would our parents ever have been born? Would we even exist?

As I am re-watching "Sex and The City," "Gilmore Girls" and "Friends" yet again, I am overcome with nostalgia about what dating was like during these times. I'd love to come home to a message on my machine.

Maybe you're reading this and you think I'm lame and old fashioned and you're absolutely right, but I think I have a point. In order to have better success in our romantic relationships, we need to work on actually saying something. Why are we claiming we are "talking" to someone when we have never talked to them in person? How did we end up in this reality of sulking when we have been left on read, or obsessively checking to see if someone has viewed our Snapchat story?

We've been given all these ways of pseudo-communicating and endless time to do it and absolutely no rule book of what is acceptable. When you really think about it, it's a recipe for disaster that could be destroying our relationships before they even start. We need an Emily Post of technology to teach us how to behave. We need to stop abusing the convenience of technology and start challenging ourselves to communicate better.

I challenge you if you're a single lady that the next time a boy asks for your Snapchat, tell them you'd prefer it if they called you to make plans.

Guys, just call a girl! It might really impress her! Everyone who tries this has full permission to call me and yell at me if the person who calls you/you call says you're a huge freak. But do me a favor and start leaving your ringer on when you're not in class. Let's talk.

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The Realities Of Dating A High Schooler While You're In College

A freshman in college dating a senior...in high school?


I have been with my boyfriend since the summer before my senior year of high school. We knew coming into it that we would have to spend my freshman year of high school apart. Now with only 7 weeks left of my first year in college, here is my take on what it's like to date someone still going to your alma mater.

1. FaceTime is your new best friend

FaceTime is my most used app now. If I am free at night or just want to see his face, I can always depend on a call. This might sound cheesy, but FaceTime sleepovers are an *almost* daily occurrence. Even if we both have things to do, we just call each other and do our own thing. This makes me feel closer, considering the 125+ miles between us.

2. A whole other reason to come home

Seeing family and friends while being home is great. But what's better than a bigger bed and your boo cuddling next to you? Plus, I have rides to and from without having to bug my parents.

3. Different breaks

For both winter and spring break, there have been times when he is still in school while I am off. So, I am basically a "housewife" for those days. It does stink that I have to wait until after 3 to hang out with him, but at the same time, I can get some work done while he's at school. It'll probably always be like this, considering he is going to a community college at home for the next two years. But, maybe it'll coincide (fingers crossed!)

4. One foot in college, one foot in high school

Dating a high schooler and being friends with people in his grade and below, I do feel like I am sorta in high school still. I still sit in the student section at games, and workout with my friends at the high school. I'm still "popular" in some sense because of him but also because I am from a super small school. I just can't wait until baseball season!


Homecoming! Winter Carnival! Prom! Having a boyfriend in high school is great because my last dances weren't really my last ones. So now, I am looking at both formal and prom dresses!

6. People asking the dreaded question

Whenever anyone at college finds out I have a boyfriend, they always ask where he goes and what year he is. My answer is always "He's back at home" or "He's a senior...in high school". Everyone asks why I stay with him and my thinking is, why would I break up with him just because I am a little ways away? He knows that I am pursuing my dreams down here, even if they aren't necessarily with him (yet).

I don't really see the drastic differences between dating a high schooler while in college, but I am definitely not changing it any time soon!

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