Millennial blind dating

We Set Our Co-Worker Up On a blind Date Because Old-Fashion Dating Is The Way To Go

"Wait, are we actually doing this?"


It's the summer slump in the office. There's not a lot to do. It's far too hot outside to do anything. So, as we were sitting in our cubicles, watching the clock tick away, my co-workers had a random idea.

Let's set each other up on blind dates.

The rules of this blind date set-up are simple. The two people going on the date don't know anything about each other besides their first name. No pictures. No bios. No nothing.

Personally, I was more along for observation compared to participation. Two girls were up to bat. Ready to jump into this sea of dating blindly. After about twenty to thirty minutes of stalking multiple mutual friend Instagram accounts, the contenders were ready. It only took a few text messages and the guys were in. But up first, was my co-worker, who will be under the pseudonym Katie.

Katie's date was set for 24 hours after this whole thing was organized. The two going on the date received each other's numbers for the purpose of only figuring out date logistics such as where should they meet, etc. The guy was responsible for planning the whole date so Katie had zero idea what she was walking into.

The date was to going to take place after work. Our other co-worker, under the pseudonym Cathy, was curling Katie's hair right before they clocked out. Katie was shaking, ready to back out of this of whole idea.

"Guys, I can't do this." She said, hunched over on the floor in nervous tension while Cathy wrapped her long locks around the curling iron. We all went through our individual pep talks to her. And soon our pep talks extended to our manager who walked over to see the action. He didn't really acknowledge the hair curling and left the girls alone to finish what they were doing before the end of the day.

Finally, Katie left our cubicle farm to enter the big-girl world of blind dating. A concept our generation rarely experiences anymore since we learn everything we need to know about a person online before meeting. It was an adventure of a date that included nervous conversations, mini golfing, getting their car stuck on a mountain (long story) and Taco Bell!

The next day at work, Katie recapped the whole thing to us. We sat in a circle, discussing every detail of Katie's date as specific as she could. While she has a great story to tell and it gave us something to do at work, what was the real greater meaning behind this whole thing? Maybe there wasn't anything at all, but today I asked Katie "What did you learn from this blind date experience? If anything at all."

"I really liked the old-fashion dating experience. While I guess it wasn't that old-fashion, it was the idea of meeting someone without actually knowing who they are online. I didn't already have an assumed opinion of him before walking in. It was clean, fun, and spontaneous. I would do it again tomorrow."

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Katryna Eastwood

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Stop Saying Your Friend 'Chose' Her Boyfriend Over You, The Pity Party Is Over

Your inability to be happy for others is getting old.


First, let me start by saying that SOMETIMES this is what happens and you do get booted. However, most of the time when that happens your friend is in an unhealthy relationship and is being cut off from friends and family. If that is the case, you should get over yourself and be more concerned about your friends' safety and health than if you got “chosen" or not. If your friend has an awesome boyfriend and still outright disregards you and your feelings and chooses her boyfriend over you, then she was not your friend in the first place.

Now that that's cleared up, let's talk about how we as people should be kind and supportive and genuinely happy for those we claim to love.

So your friend that you do everything with got a boyfriend, things are going to change.

It's part of growing up. Your friendship dynamic is going to change. Instead of spending all weekend from Friday night to Sunday night together binge-watching Netflix and eating junk food you might only get a Saturday lunch and movie, a mani/pedi sometime during the week, or a late night hour-long phone call. Don't be bitter, don't try and make your friend feel guilty or even try to cut your friend out of your life just because you're not getting the attention that you want. Your friend cherishes your friendship and the guilt trip can make her feel so terrible about the fact she loves a boy and wants to spend time with him.

When you guilt your friend for spending time with her boyfriend, you become the one who chooses someone else over the friendship. You choose your own personal selfishness over the happiness of your friend.

You break your friend's heart when you give them this guilt trip.

She thought you wanted her to be happy, but now she feels miserable. She wants to be there for you but your angry, selfish bitterness is pushing her away, and the sad part is she feels it's her fault. Don't make your friend feel this way.

Your friend still wants to be your friend, she just now has someone she loves differently than she's ever loved someone before.

This person, her boyfriend, holds an extremely special part of her heart and has the potential to be her forever person, her future husband. Give them the space and peace of mind, knowing that you're supporting her through it all, to discover this!

The truth is, your friend wants to choose you both but you're the one who is not allowing her to do that. Examine your actions and thoughts and how you're treating your friend before you exclaim she was the one who ended the friendship.

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I'm Scared To Ask Boys To Hang Out Because Society Has Led Me To Believe That I'll Seem Desperate

Ladies, would you ask a man out?


Let's get this all out, I'm an anxious person. I suffer from "slight" anxiety, I wouldn't say it's horrible, but I deal with it. Nerves, it's something I'm quite familiar with in life, nerves and I are friends, actually. I've dealt with "slight" anxiety for years and it has stopped me from doing many things, which I regret. My "slight" anxiety has reappeared once again in the situation involving the male gender.

I'm not going to act as I've never talked to boys before because I have and it's not the scariness things for me, but when it involves boys I like, it's a whole new situation. Once I start developing any sort of feelings for boys I like, I turn into an anxious mess. That over-thinking, can't say the right words, too scared to embarrass myself anxious mess.

Well recently, that anxious feeling mess of myself has undoubtedly come back to life in some shape or form with this one particular boy. I think it's time to dive into Aby's semi-complicated by not really complicated sort of, just being dramatic love life. So, there's this boy that I've found attractive for quite a while, it's great to admire from afar. I always knew he was there, we were friendly, and nothing really came from that until recently.

In the past month or so this boy has been giving me the most mixed signals I've ever had in my lifetime. Do you like me? Do you not? Are you flirting with me? Ae you just being friendly? I've liked many boys in my time, but I've never thought so much about what this one particular boy and what his deal is? It's been over a month and I still can't figure him or it out, so I've been thinking of doing something every girl is somewhat afraid of, asking a boy to hang out.

I know, it sounds so small and sort of dumb, but doing something like this petrifies and turns me into a nervous, anxious mess. I'll be one hundred percent honest that I want a summer fling, someone to do all those fun things together without the commitment of a boyfriend. It's the beginning of summer, which means I need to start sorting my options out right now.

Here's the issue, I want to ask him to hang out, but I'm scared to ask because I don't want to seem desperate at all. Society has led us to believe that men should be asking girls out instead of vice-versa. In all honesty, it's a bit messed up, but I've been led to believe that "guys ask girls out". So, I've always waited to be asked out because that's what society has taught me and that's what I've allowed.

Now, I'm preparing myself to ask this boy to hang out and I'm getting quite anxious, all the possibilities. What if he doesn't like me? Thinks I'm ugly? Figures out that I can't drive? Hates me? Thinks I'm annoying, oh gosh, the endless possibilities. One thing I know is that I have to try, so I'm going to be bold and ask him to hang out.

It's scary, I'm scared, but I'll never know if I don't try, which is true. Life is filled with mysteries and you won't know if you don't look, right? So, I'm going to get over my anxiety and just try, wish me luck in attempting to ask this boy to hang out.

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