Hillary Clinton lost the presidency. We cannot contest that, we must simply accept and pave the way forward. Right now, many of us are sad. As I write, tears pool in my eyes and I want things to change. I know that change inevitably happens with time, but this time, we didn't change. Rather, this election, we took twenty steps back. Although we are sad, now is not the time to sit and sulk. We've been sad for too long. Now, we rise up and create a change.

As a part of a minority in this country, I have never felt like my voice ever truly mattered. With the way the events played out in this election, that is especially true. However, rising up is a necessary thing to do, and now, it matters that much more. We have seen nonviolent protests against hate rise from the ashes before, and now, we can rise again.

So, what is different about this than it was in the 1960s? Or in any other case of revolutions? Actually, not much. The only consistent thing is that both fires were fueled by hatred. Now, we can rise like we did then. But it doesn't have to happen violently. They bring guns, we bring our open minds and hearts. They spit, we give them hugs. Love will create a revolution so big that we will be unable to contain it. There is such a thing as too many guns, but one thing that there can never be too much of is love. And if you're like me, you need all of the love you can get right now.

I stand before you as an upset millennial, a sad feminist, and a proud Democrat. Why "proud" you ask? Because had millennials solely voted, our election would have been mostly blue. If it shows anything for this country, it's that we are still progressing towards a liberal future. These next four years are set to be a bumpy ride, but after, we can and will prevail. Our minds will stay open.

Our generation has already done so much. Among our accomplishments include legalizing gay marriage, and making healthcare an available tool. If we can do that much in eight years, imagine how much we can do over the course of our lifetimes? Just because the most qualified candidate slipped through the fingers of America does not mean that we have to let that stop us from making our tangible impacts. Just remember, being complacent and voting for the sake of the "lesser of the two evils" gets us absolutely nowhere.

Millennials, it's our generation's time to rise up and defeat the society that we have fought against. If we want to initiate a change, we need to be the generation to start it. In a world full of Donald Trumps, we have to be the Bernie Sanders.