A Milestone In Verse

A Milestone In Verse

Poetry inspired by getting to know a special guy.


First relationship ever.

I met him at my summer job. I wasn't looking for someone. I was single and fine. After collaborating on a project, he developed an interest in me, and I liked his company and the sense of security that he provided. These poems reflect what was going on in my mind during those months, from crazy coincidences to fears and denial, to his devotion. Yes, I'm in college and I have no previous love experience so it was nerve-wracking, though hopefully worth it.

Crossed Paths


I don't believe in omens,

I don't believe in signs

Though our paths have crossed and

Our fates seem to align

Am I in denial if "Coincidence!" I cry?

Blind to unseen strings?

Is chance a myth, a lie?

Against gravity these wings

Lift me. My world is shaken.

My planet's out of orbit

But I'm no longer breaking.

A Good Friend's Heart


You're the answer to my prayers,

The reason for my smile.

A heart once broken, near despair

Is fin'lly finding life worthwhile.

Can I turn away your care?

I can't leave it unrepaid!

I know what's fair after we've shared

Our stories and memories made.

You're a patron of my arts

And you listen to my voice.

We are two creative hearts.

Do I even have a choice

When you've been so good to me?

I don't know where to start.

My mind is running circles, see?

I can't break a good friend's heart!



Only yesterday, I thought true love couldn't be.

It's distant as a star, unreachable for me.

It's rarer than gold,

Unaffordable for most.

Why seek what I can't have? Unworthy of the best

I've seen others try and fail. I was never on a quest.

A star landed in my yard. You wished for a smile.

You gave me your sweat and pain, love all unbeguiled

By bribes of roses.

What I supposed is:

I've stumbled across gold. I found love, it's actual.

But what of this fear! Is it irrational?

If love is precious, why am I afraid?

If devotion is light, why not step from this shade?

If your affection is health why's my heart sick with worry?

Is my judgment blurry?

Why plead guilty when charity rules?

If our steps are wise, why do I feel like a fool?

If our love's not passion, oh,

Then my fear's irrational!

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