Politicians don't always say the right thing, but when it comes to midterms, they seem to really know what's going on. Here are the seven most relatable things the Democratic candidates (mostly just Hillary and Bernie, though) said or did during the first Democratic debate.

1. When you have a test tomorrow that you didn't start studying for.

Time to pull an all-nighter. Chugging three cups of coffee in an hour is probably not the healthiest of options but it's a necessity.

2. When your professor sends 1,000 emails reminding you about insignificant things.

Trust me, I know the test is tomorrow, I haven't stopped thinking about it in two weeks. I have the review sheet, thank you. Don't crack a stupid joke to lighten the mood, you are the cause of my premature aging!

3. You and your friend are in the same class and neither of you know what's going on.

It could even be someone you're not friends with, but you come together in confused solidarity. It's always nice to know you're not the only one who's preparing to fail out of school.

4. Your parents call and don't believe that you're actually studying.

"No, Mom, I haven't just been on Facebook for the past three hours, I am studying!" In reality though, have you been studying?

5. You really need a cubical in the library and none are open.

Every second spent waiting is precious knowledge not being learned. Ten minutes can tend to feel like a lifetime, especially in the middle of the night when Jazzman's isn't even open for an apple crisp latte.

6. You hand in the test to your professor and couldn't be happier to be done with it.

Every answer is probably wrong, but you don't have to worry about that anymore. Now you can wipe your entire mind free of the whole subject.

7. It's all finally over and you can enjoy your life again with your friends.

Time to gather the squad and make up for time lost studying. Enjoy the freedom while it lasts. Finals will be here before you know it.