It's that time of the semester again. Down four glasses of coffee a day, finishing up projects, studying for exams, and trying to work out to get the picture perfect body. You guessed it: MIDTERM WEEK. The week before spring break where your RAs realized you haven't had a floor meeting all semester, your professors realize you're four weeks behind schedule, and you realize your spring break body did not come in, ONCE AGAIN.

Who better to describe this week than the cast of "The Office?"

1. Monday

I am not totally sure if Dwight has the best idea, but we have to start somewhere.

2. Tuesday

Studying until 11:00 and then, getting up to go take the exam bright and early the next morning.

3. Wednesday

Saving entire projects for the night before they are due is my specialty.

4. Thursday

This is my exact reaction when the professors think I am going to do three projects, a paper, and read an entire book over spring break. Good one, prof, good one.

5. Friday

As I pack my things into the car and check out because I'm minutes away from pulling away from my dorm and blasting the music. Good vibes only for spring break!

Eventually, you'll wrap up midterms, drive home or hop on a plane, and be able to enjoy 10 days of much-needed relaxation. Before you know it, it will be finals week. Not be a Debbie Downer, but you'll be stressed out once again. For now, let's all just relax and enjoy the peace while we can.